“The Basis for Defending All Human Life” Series

Different people often have different reasons for defending human life—specifically,  of course, the unborn.  For some, it’s a personal experience that converted them.  Perhaps they had an abortion and now regret it.  Maybe they are an abortion survivor or had a sibling aborted.  For others, it just makes sense that human life begins at the beginning, and it just makes sense that every human life is precious and worthy of protection.

Of course, you also have your pro-lifers with a heightened sense of justice who would like to ensure that the world is a place where justice is equally enforced.  Others are drawn to the underdog or the innocent and have a passion to speak up for the voiceless.  Some believe that abortion is the civil rights issue of our day and feel a responsibility to take a stand.  There is a countless myriad of reasons why people defend human life.

Life Potential Unborn Child PhotoI asked my Facebook friends to explain, in a sentence or two, why they are pro-life.  Here is what they said:

“Because my mom was…”
“God COMMANDS it… ‘Thou shalt not murder.’”
“The Scriptures state that we need to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.”
“Because I’m a woman.”
“I am pro-life because I have been blessed by the God of the living to know that there is no acceptable alternative.”
“Because God created us in His image, and He commands us not to kill.”
“I am pro-life because the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away-not man.”
“I am pro-life because I believe God is the creator of every person. Only HE can decided when a person’s life should end, no matter how old they are.”

You can probably gather from these answers that I have a lot of Christian friends who believe that the Bible teaches us to be pro-life.  However, if I asked many of my friends to explain in depth why they are pro-life, I’ll bet that many of them would also have scientific, medical, moral, legal, and human reasons to be pro-life.  I know I do!

Recently, (also on good ole’ Facebook) I engaged in a debate with other pro-lifers about whether we can know when human life begins—from both a Christian and a scientific standpoint.  Legal issues were also brought up in the course of this debate that reached at least 115 comments.  Whew!

Needless to say, this got me thinking.  ALL pro-lifers need to have the ability to knowledgeably defend our position—whether we write blog articles, give speeches, sidewalk counsel, volunteer on a campaign, pray, or talk to our friends about the issue.
It’s great to be able to knock down the lies of Planned Parenthood and company and the illogical arguments of pro-choicers that me meet.  In fact, we absolutely must be able to do that, too.  Many articles on this blog can equip you for that, including ones from Kristen Walker and Deanna Candler.

However, I’ve decided to start an article series called “The Basis for Defending Human Life” so that we can equip ourselves with accurate knowledge.  Right now, I’m planning to write about the Christian basis, the scientific/medical basis, the legal basis, and the human/moral basis.

First, though, two questions for all of you:

  1. What basis for defending human life from the very beginning would you like to hear about?  Have I left out an important one?
  2. Why are you pro-life, in one or two sentences?

I look forward to hearing your answers!

In the meantime, I encourage you to do some research of your own.  I recommend “Why Pro-Life?” (which you can download on Kindle for 99 cents) and “Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?” by Randy Alcorn, “The Third Time Around” by George Grant, “Why Can’t We Love Them Both?” by Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Willke, and this incredibly awesome research paper.