The Odd Myth of “Reproductive Justice”

Losing movements change their slogans often.  The pro-abortion side continues to change their slogan.  It used to be “reproductive rights” or “reproductive choice”, but today, “reproductive justice” is beginning to surpass other slogans.  The pro-life movement has helped to awaken America to the fact that justice is more important than my rights and my choice.  Planned Parenthood and company know we’re succeeding, and so they’re trying to jump on the bandwagon.  Sorta.

Pro-abortion website after website after website reveal this new and upcoming slogan:  reproductive justice.  It’s just that, when it comes down to it, it’s pretty stinkin’ hard to explain how taking an innocent life has anything at all to do with justice.  Let’s take a look, though, at their explanations:


Reproductive justice is a framework to advance our discussion about how women’s health, access to medical care and economic justice are all political issues that must be connected in the minds of our elected leaders and reflected by their actions.


Apparently, they define Roe v. Wade itself as reproductive justice because I found this on their website:  Roe v. Wade Anniversary—Commemorating 39 Years of Reproductive Justice.


Reproductive Justice addresses the social reality of inequality, specifically, the inequality of opportunities that we have to control our reproductive destiny. Our options for making choices have to be safe, affordable and accessible, three minimal cornerstones of government support for all individual life decisions.


Reproductive Justice refers to the procurement of women’s reproductive rights within the greater context of universal human rights and social justice.

Basically then, “reproductive justice” is meant to be an all-inclusive term.  It is meant to equate the lack of legal abortions (if there were such a thing) to inequality and injustice in other areas of life.  NOW is probably the most honest when they admit that “reproductive justice” is a “framework”.  Exactly.  It’s an extremely made-up, falsely contrived term.  It is indeed a framework upon which a losing movement can attempt to build momentum through dishonesty.

How is the term “reproductive justice” dishonest?  Well, first, what is the true definition of justice?

1)       The virtue which consists in giving to every one what is his due.

2)      Conformity to moral rightness in attitude or action; righteousness.

3)      The quality of being just, impartial, or fair.

4)      Conformity to truth, fact, or reason.

Under the true definitions of justice, it is dishonest to redefine justice to include an action that is, by nature, unjust.  Abortion—which is included and emphasized in “reproductive justice”—violates every single understanding of justice out there.

Abortion does not give every person what they are due.  Instead, it prematurely takes the life of an innocent human being who never had the chance to exercise their equal right to life.

Abortion is not righteous.  I don’t think anyone would claim this one.  The intentional killing of innocent people can never be called righteousness.

Abortion is neither just, impartial, or fair.  Abortion gives no trial, chance, or decision to the baby.  Abortion is very partial…only “unwanted,” “inconvenient,” “unplanned,” and “disabled” babies are selected for death.  And abortion is certainly not fair.  The supposed right of women to choose is exalted far above the basic right of babies to live.

Abortion conforms neither to truth, fact, or reason.  Truth, the facts of medical science, common sense, human dignity, basic moral decency, and reason all tell us that the unborn child is a person, deserving of the equal right to life.

Abortion is as far from true justice as you can get.  Pro-lifers should raise an outcry about this dishonest term being used to market abortion.  Planned Parenthood and company should not be allowed to slide abortion under the door of women’s healthcare, though they’ve done this for years.

True reproductive justice should include heavier penalties for rape and an end to human sex trafficking.  I don’t see Planned Parenthood, NARAL, SisterSong, or NOW spending millions to fight for those just causes, do you?

I will close with a quote from SisterSong, “One of the key problems addressed by Reproductive Justice is the isolation of abortion from other social justice issues…”  This quote demonstrates exactly what they are trying to do.  Hide abortion behind truly just causes so that it becomes more palatable.  “Reproductive justice”, understood from Planned Parenthood and company’s point of view is a myth, a fallacy, and a lie.