Top Six Planned Parenthood Deceptions

Over the past week, Live Action has released six videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s willingness to aid and abet the sex traffickers of underage girls. Since the beginning of our release, Planned Parenthood has attacked our organization and attempted to discredit the growing evidence of institutional and rampant abuse cover up. Here is a top six list of some of the deceiving statements that Planned Parenthood has made in just the past few days.

Deception 6) “We reported this to the FBI”

Planned Parenthood wrote the FBI a letter a week AFTER our investigation, only after they realized that Live Action had conducted the sting. They say this themselves. As much as they may pretend, Planned Parenthood was not attempting to help send human traffickers to jail; they were attempting to pre-empt the release of Live Action’s footage.

If Planned Parenthood really cared about reporting potential sex traffickers to authorities, they would have called police while the pimp was in the clinic, or immediately after. Not wasting a minute. Planned Parenthood, where are the reports from the now SIX clinics we’ve released, that you immediately called the police?

Why did all your staffers, instead of refusing service or gathering information from the pimp about his sex ring to inform authorities, GIVE the pimp information about how to access the Planned Parenthood system for secret services?

Deception 5) Live Action Videos Are All “Doctored” and a “Hoax”

We have heard this tired claim from Planned Parenthood every time we release a video. Yet every time we’ve released a video, we post the full, unedited footage online for all to see, and send the full, unedited footage to state and federal authorities. Planned Parenthood can’t argue with the full footage.

See Vice-President Stuart Schear on camera claiming our tapes are doctored, then admitting he hasn’t even seen then (link:

Planned Parenthood, if you really think our videos are “fake”, “doctored” and a “hoax”, why did you yesterday claim that you will be retraining your entire staff of 11,000?

Deception 4) “We are retraining our entire staff of 11,000”

First of all, we have heard the “retraining staff” excuse before. When Live Action released undercover footage in December of 2008 showing the sexual abuse cover up of a 13 year old girl at Planned Parenthood, the organization called for “re-training”. Clearly, that re-training (whatever it was) didn’t last very long, if two years later Planned Parenthood workers are caught on tape working with human traffickers to provide services (link:, ways to get around pesky parental involvement laws that protect children, tax-funded discounts, and even business advice.

But more to the point: Are Planned Parenthood workers “trainable”? Our tapes show them repeatedly and unabashedly doing “business as usual” with the self-disclosed seller of underage girls’ bodies for sex. The brutal business of human trafficking cannot be taken seriously enough.

Yet instead of showing even basic concern for the victims, Planned Parenthood workers across the board are happy to help the serial abuser.

And another important question: Can Planned Parenthood be trusted to train its staff sufficiently? What does it say about an organization’s leadership if their staff–from managers, to supervisors, to clinicians, to staffers–unequivocally and without question show willingness to do secret business with a pimp?

A final question: How exactly will Planned Parenthood be “training” its staff? Will the training be a special seminar on how to recognize Live Action cameras?

Deception 3) Virginia Staff Acted “Professionally”

This is one of the most disturbing statements we have heard yet from Planned Parenthood higher-ups.

Virginia staff, on all four tapes released in Virginia, were very helpful to the self-identified pimp of underage sex slaves. Staffers assured him it was confidential, offered him information on how to get cheaper birth control, on how to get free STD testing, told him how to use the website and phone system. And even coached him how to use judicial bypasses to get secret abortions for his underage sex slaves.

These are the actions that Planned Parenthood is calling “professional”. Does anyone think that it is professional to give a brutal sex trafficker of children advice on how to use the system?

This is not professional; this is criminal. It is criminal and incredibly offensive and harmful to the victims of abuse across our nation.

And keep in mind: If Virginia staff acted “professionally”, then is this how the public can expect Planned Parenthood to “train” their staff of 11,000?

Deception 2) This is an “isolated incident”

A favorite of Planned Parenthood’s. Every time Live Action releases a video (and we’ve released over 16 now), it is “an isolated incident”. Let the facts speak for themselves. Look at the evidence. For over three years our team has been investigating the institutional sex abuse cover up at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. Even before the human trafficking footage, we released 10 clinics that revealed the sexual abuse cover up of minors as young as 13. In these 10 clinics, we had actors posing as the underage girls, self-reporting abuse and asking for help. In every case, Planned Parenthood worked to cover up the abuse of the underage girl and did not comply with the mandatory reporting laws for sexual abuse. Instead of help and safety, the underage girls are coached by Planned Parenthood staffers on how to cover up abuse and get secret abortions.

Live Action has now released six more clinics in the past week, all showing Planned Parenthood workers, at all levels of the organization, willing to aid and abet the human traffickers of underage girls.

This is an institutional crisis that has engulfed the whole organization. No matter how many times Planned Parenthood’s PR firm says “isolated incident”, the growing body of evidence still stands.

Deception 1) We have a zero-tolerance policy for abuse, and you should trust us

If anyone can still believe this, I don’t know if there is any evidence in the world that will convince them otherwise.

The growing body of evidence reveals that Planned Parenthood unequivocally covers up the sex abuse of young victims and is willing to work with the abusers.  Our undercover actors could not have said who they were and what they represented more clearly.  Planned Parenthood repeatedly looked the other way. It is a federal crime to aid and abet in the trafficking of underage persons. What is a better way to aid and abet a pimp of young girls, than give him all the secret abortions, birth control and the services that a pimp would need to keep his sex slaves on the street?

  • intolerantfox

    Get 'em Lila! Your reporting of this scam is great! I think there's a real shot at taking our federal dollars from them ….FINALLY.

  • gmc907

    Thanks you so much, Lila. Your evidence is solid. Your arguments are focused and concise.

    I think you could teach Laura from Fox News how to ask questions of pro-choicers on her newscast without yelling at them. : ) Your group is organized and talented. Great things will come out of all of your hard work. I'm really excited to see a pro-life organization that really gets how people tick and uses that.

  • blahrahblah

    Solid evidence…sure. Live Action is sickening. I will admit that the incidents filmed are shameful, and give the prochoice movement a bad name, however, Live Action does a really good job of twisting things around to help their cause. NO ONE IS PRO ABORTION. It is a matter of choice, something this country was founded on. "The greatest human rights injustice of our time." I was a victim of rape, and I got pregnant because of it. You are telling me that I should have had to carry that baby, and live with the constant reminder of my violent and shameful past? Being raped wasn't my CHOICE, having an abortion was. If you had it your way, I would have a baby that I couldn't care for, and that was half my violent attacker's. If you had it your way, mothers who could die from pregnancy complications would loose their lives, and then leave their child (if he/she survived) into the hands of the system, the very one that you claim is so broken.
    This country is so divided, you are not helping that.

    • livewell8

      "NO ONE IS PRO ABORTION." Are you sure?

      "I'm definitely pro-abortion"

      "Why I'm Pro Abortion"

      "This country is so divided, you are not helping that. "
      And the abortion lobby like NARAL, NAF, etc are by pushing for taxpayer funded abortion on demand, and no choice to opt-out of performing abortions?

      • blahrahblah

        Ok, the first one is from the Live Action You Tube channel, and that girl is obviously not the brightest person, and seems to me to be a little intoxicated, people answer questions with the wording that you ask them. The question was if you thought abortion was wrong, she used the question in the answer. That really helps prove your point.
        You are arguing semantics on that one.

        I do not have the choice to opt out of a slew of things the government spends my taxes on that I don't believe in. Like that wasteful war we have been in for so long? How is that any different?

        • livewell8

          You miss my point. My point wasn't that people can or can't opt out, my point was that the abortion lobby is pushing the agenda as well. They are actively working against centers that provide abortion alternatives and they are working to make it so that doctors must perform abortions against their will. My point is that both sides are trying to change things and that it isn't one side the is dividing the country, it is the reality of irreconcilable positions….primarily one side that believes the right to life comes when one is born and the other side the believes the right to life comes before that.

        • pnyikos

          Do you still maintain that no one is pro-abortion?

          I have long debated a highly dishonest pro-abortion person who is proud to call himself pro-abortion. Here is how he reacted to the tragic news about a young Colorado woman being accidentally given an abortifacient by the pharmacist instead of the antibiotic that was prescribed:

          "We can only hope! One last bastard child to infect the world is good
          news. Too bad she wasn't given certain anti-cancer medications instead,
          that would've finished the job properly!

          "Baby, abomination. Abortion, decency!"

    • lvi722

      I am sorry that you had to go through the terrible trauma of rape. Such an act of violence should never happen to anyone.

      When a child is conceived as a result of rape, it is too often a grievous result that this child's life is ended because of the circumstances of their own conception. Why should this child suffer a premature death because of the offenses of their father? This is an innocent. Children are born to all sorts of parents, some with high moral standards, others in the context of adulterous relationships and still others where there is not consent. Nevertheless, these children do nothing to choose who their parents will be.

      I am sorry that you were convinced that there was little hope for this child's future and driven to an abortion.

      There are others who have carried their babies to term and found healing from their trauma in the gift of their children. One story that is powerful is Rebecca Kiessling's who was herself conceived during rape. She now speaks as an advocate for the civil rights and dignity of the unborn.

      I really do hope that you come to peace and healing, for the violence done to you twice. No mother should have to endure that.

      The heart of our family goes out to you.

      • alexa_bear

        " Why should this child suffer a premature death because of the offenses of their father?"

        Along your lines of reasoning, women should be forced to endure pregnancy and childbirth in order to save someone's life.

        But why draw the line there? There's nothing to say we shouldn't also force men and women to donate parts of their livers to save lives. (Your liver grows back). It's essentially the same thing: you're saving a life; you're forced to take weeks off work to recover; you endure a few months of discomfort and at least one day of excruciating pain; and you maybe risk some side-effects and long-term damage, but definitely not any worse than pregnancy.

        Why don't we force people to donate livers to save lives? Why don't we force them to donate blood to save lives? The reason is that Americans apparently seem to value something MORE than life: autonomy over our own bodies. For the same reason that we don't legally force someone to donate their blood and organs, we don't legally force women to endure pregnancy and childbirth. Both processes save a life at the expense of taking away autonomy and control over your own body. Explain to me why this example is any different from forcing someone who is raped to bear a child.

  • kaylie

    Instead of wasting your time trying to deprive women of thier RIGHT to choose, you should fight for the right to recieve comprehensive sex education, and the right to recieve birthcontrol. It only makes sense, less unwanted pregnancies less abortions.
    how can you blame an entire organization, for the mistakes of a few?

    • farmchick20

      It's not a civil/human right to have sex but not have a baby. A person's right to not be killed for another's convenience, IS a human right.

  • x_x

    They did report it to the FBI…

    You'll need more actual evidence to support the claim that they only reported it because they knew it was fake. Otherwise, the accusations that they knowingly facilitate sex trafficking are pretty weak in my view.

    • livewell8

      They state in their report to the FBI that they think it is Live Action, not real sex traffickers. The fact that it is 4-7 days after the videos were shot is kinda disturbing. The law is most states says reporting should be immediate.

  • rlansfrd

    As far as sex-ed is concerned (and even though it may seem a bit off topic), I am proud to say that the public school district that I teach in DOES teach sex ed as part of their science course. But they teach the only 100% effective method: abstinence until marriage.

    • farmchick20

      That's great! Here's hoping more schools will follow your example.

    • Dan

      Abstinence until marriage doesn’t have a perfect record. There are at least a couple of historical accounts of an engaged woman getting pregnant without any sex, almost causing her future husband to break off the engagement. Now Mary would have been a great candidate for a state funded abortion; she was low income, almost lost her fiance and the governor tried to kill the kid a few years later anyway.

  • eMuse5

    Have you watched the videos, x_x? Really?

  • x_x

    Do I really have cut and paste what I've already said?

  • x_x

    I'm pretty sure that's why they fired her.

  • eMuse5

    I hardly think that would help your position since you haven't stated that you've watched the videos. If you have seen the videos, I think it would be very difficult for you to protest that they don't implicate PP in any way. If you haven't seen them, I would suggest that you do.

  • eMuse5

    It would've made PP look pretty darn bad if they hadn't. This hardly exonerates PP of everything that came to light after Live Action's stings.

  • alexa_bear

    Actually one of the most popular and effective contraceptives is the IUD. These are inserted into the woman's uterus and many kinds are non-hormonal. They have a 99.9% effectiveness rate. You leave them in for up to 10 years and don't have to think about them — just make an appointment to have it removed when you want to have children. There is zero danger of mis-use — no messing around with pills or condoms. The advantage of going to Planned Parenthood is that they can educate you about all the options out there and find the one that is best for your chosen lifestyle — whether that lifestyle is Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or atheist.

  • alexa_bear

    MoonChild, you say that condoms are not very effective and the pill is poisoning our bodies and environment. This is very true and quite scary. A few more things to consider, that you may not be aware of:

    The single most popular form of birth control outside the U.S. is called the IUD. This is a non-hormonal device implanted in the uterus. You leave it in for years without having to think about it. I have dozens of married and single friends who have one and they think it's truly wonderful. It doesn't harm the fish or cause mood swings because it's non-hormonal. The only side-effect that I've heard it can cause is that it tends to make your periods heavier and longer for the first few months, and then it gets much better. In fact, it is such a fantastic option for women, so environmentally friendly and so effective, that I am very suspicious about why it's not more popular in the U.S.: my personal suspicions are that men are afraid that letting women take control of their family planning in a way that is so safe and effective as the IUD would just encourage them to achieve more in life than being mothers.

    Condoms are great ways of protecting against STDs. They are also excellent ways to protect against urinary tract infections and kidney infections. Many married friends of mine who are particularly prone to bladder infections use condoms regularly with their husbands. There are all sorts of benefits to condoms and they should be made widely available.

    The Natural Planning method is actually quite risky, and requires an extensive amount of time keeping track of cycles and tracking everything every single month for your entire fertile life. For extremely busy women and for mothers, it's often not a realistic choice. If you mess up, you're at severe risk of pregnancy. Also, if you have irregular menstrual cycles (and many, if not most, women do) you are at VERY high risk of pregnancy.

  • alexa_bear

    Moonchild, I just wanted to reply to your comment that "back in the old days" things were so great and no one had sex before marriage, etc. Things aren't so awful today – I just saw this article that sex among youth is declining. What do you make of these facts?

  • mycattootsie

    Okay, so we have eliminated the unplanned pregnancy aspect of this debate. The one of the risks with the IUD are PID, which the frequent sex partners increases the risk of STD's furthering the risk of PID, cervical cancer…. I was watching a popular television show recently. The female guardian of a teen had to discuss the touchy issue of sex. I appreciated the line in this program, "Remember, each person you have sex with, you have given a part of yourself to that person." How many ex-partners would we want to stay connected with. The reason they are "ex" is because something about that person didn't "fit" or the person was unsuitable in some way. I admit, I am a sheltered person by choice. However, sex being a recreational activity, expected in a dating relationship, is ignoring the connection between two souls durning intercourse. A line from Home Improvement says something like this, "true love isn't loving many people during a lifetime, but loving one person for a lifetime." I want that for the kids in my sphere of influence.

  • Alexa

    @ mycattootsie

    You say that IUDs are riskier with lots of sex partners. However, the World Health Organization still finds the numbers to be quite low ( . “Riskier” is a relative term. Something that happens 2 times in 1,000 years vs. 1 times in 1,000 years is a little tiny bit “riskier” but not a lot.

    Anyway, I don’t know why you are bringing in the idea of having lots of sex partners, because many if not most people with IUDs have long-term partners. That is precisely WHY they need a long-term contraceptive solution. If they are going to be with a partner for 5 years, 10 years, 25 years, they want to find a contraceptive solution that will also last 5 years, 10 years, etc.

    In terms of the idea of “connectedness” that’s totally fine if you want to believe that you give something of yourself to another person when you have sex with them. That’s a nice idea. However, it’s not something that you should base federal legislature on.

  • alexa_bear

    Many if not most women who choose IUDs have long-term partners. The reason they choose such a long-term solution is because they are with long-term partners. They are planning to be with someone for 5 or 10 or 25 years and they want to find a birth control solution that will also last 5 or 10 or 25 years.

    Your idea about permanent connectedness is nice but I really hope it's not true, because in that case, 1 out of every 3 women would be permanently connected to their rapists for the rest of their lives.

  • mycattootsie

    So an IUD is intended for a person with few sex partners, not for a sexually experimenting teenager and it does not address the reponsibility of the guy, we are back to is sex ed. effective and would a young adult actually use an alternate method regularly or in the heat of the moment. Regarding rape, it is a horrible violation of a woman on so many levels: physical, emotional, post-traumatic distress disorder. If the violation were only physical, a reliable contraceptive for any woman who could possibly experience that horror would be appropriate. But the damage is deeper, to the soul. Whether wanted or not, sex is a connection between individuals. Misinforming young adults that sex can have no consequences is not giving them all the facts of sex. Sex is a connection between individuals, it is fun–why else would we bother if it had no attraction other than the act of having sex.

  • alexa_bear

    I didn't say that an IUD is "intended" for a person with few sex partners. I said that many women who have few sex partners choose the IUD. There is a really big difference. The IUD is designed simply to allow women not to get pregnant. That is the only thing it is intended to do. It's "intended" for any woman, not a particular type of woman.

    The wonderful thing about PP is that it takes a personal approach and interviews the woman in depth about her lifestyle, her plans for having or not having children, and along with her, figures out the type of contraception that will be the most effective for her. PP educates women on the risks and benefits of all types of contraception available to them, as well as the risks and benefits of abstinence. I have absolutely no idea where you are getting that PP is "misinforming young adults that sex can have no consequences." Who is doing this? Definitely not PP. PP goes way of its way to provide complete accurate information about the risks and consequences of both contraceptive methods and pregnancy. You know what doesn't provide complete accurate information about the risks and consequences of contraceptive methods? Abstinence-based health education.