Tosh.0 Thinks Abortion is Funny

Tosh.0 on Abortion

If you can bear to actually watch this whole video, you will see that Daniel Tosh, star of Comedy Central’s Tosh.O clearly thinks abortion is something to laugh about. Not only is he joking and laughing about the slaughter of innocent children, but he is clearly making a mockery of those of us who have pro-life beliefs, such as Marion Jones and her fellow Until Abortion Ends supporters.

Some of the questions Tosh asks:

“How do you know you don’t like it unless you’ve tried it?”

“What if the doctor told you your baby was going to be really ugly?”

“What has abortion ever done to you?”

Here are some answers for you Mr. Tosh

I don’t have to commit murder to know that it’s wrong. Its bad enough that we have to live with the knowledge that every day 3,500 innocent children are killed, without having it trivialized by people like you.

You joke about “ugly” babies, but is it funny that 90% of babies that test positive for Downs in the womb are aborted? Because that’s the reality in America right now. Babies that aren’t perfect can be quietly done away with.

And finally, what has abortion done to me? Well, because of abortion there almost wasn’t a “me.” I was the fourth child of a teen mother, who seriously considered aborting me. Instead, birth mother chose life and I was adopted along with two of my siblings by an amazing family, who sacrificed so much to give me all that they could.

But Tosh’s support for abortion doesn’t end on the show, his Comedy Central webpage has it’s own tumblr for items tagged “abortion” and here are some examples of what Tosh thinks is funny:

Pro-life supporters should tell Daniel Tosh and Comedy Central that abortion isn’t funny. I urge you to send a message to Comedy Central, that the slaughter of innocent children is not fodder for comedy. And as for me, I’m vowing to give up Tosh.O – UNTIL ABORTION ENDS.