TV ALERT: Lila Rose on Fox News Channel’s Huckabee this Weekend!

Make sure to tune in for Lila’s one-on-one interview with former Arkansas Governor Mike “Huck” Huckabee.

Huck will talk to Lila about Live Action’s decisive undercover investigations that ripped back the veil on Planned Parenthood’s blatant illegal activities. They will also discuss the situation in Indiana, where the Obama Administration is threatening to withhold several billion dollars in Federal Medicaid funds from the state unless they reverse the state’s recent vote to defund Planned Parenthood.

You won’t want to miss it because Lila will also talk about Live Action’s latest investigation that includes yet another shocking sting operation.


WHO: Lila Rose
WHAT: Huckabee
WHEN: 8 p.m. ET Saturday, June 25 & Sunday, June 26, 2011
WHERE: Fox News Channel (Check local listings for channel number)

  • Richardautry

    The sooner that jerk gets out of the Whitehouse, the better offf we’ll be. 

  • xxmyvette2000xx

    That young lady is very impressive and well spoken.

  • xxmyvette2000xx

    A funny thing happened trying to get to this link. After watching Huckabee, I tried to Google and the first few links wouldn’t open up, like they were frozen or blocked, probably by George Soros.

    • Herbert Milligan

      the same thing happened to me, needs to be investigated

  • Fdemarco2009

    I had a similar experience.This is one courageous young lady

  • Sammysamson

    This is what the republicans want. They want to take away our choices so they can control us!

    • Buffy’s Mom

      Do you honestly believe a person should have the “right” to choose to murder another human being ? That is truly barbaric !

    • jemat

      Yes, those evil republicans…taking away our choices! I bet it was Republicans who made homicide illegal! Now I don’t have the choice to kill someone who’s mean to me! I bet they made slavery illegal too! They took away my choice to own a human being and make them work for me!  Ahhh! The horror! The injustice of not having the option to brutally murder my unborn child! What will they do next? Take away the choice to drive after I’ve knocked back 12 shots? What? They’ve already done that? Outrageous! They must be stopped! We need anarchy! No more laws! They’re only there to control us!Sammysamson…your statement is ridiculous.

  • Sammysamson

    How can you talk about human rights when you want to take away our right to chose? I thought we lived in a free country! You should not try to impose your beliefs on everyone.

    • Bless_the_LORD_oh_my_soul

      Are you refering to the belief that murder is evil?

    • JB

      You’re right it is a free country but it’s a country with laws.  Anytime a law is passed it is forcing a belief on people.  By supporting abortion you are imposing your views onto everyone, including the unborn who can’t even speak up for themselves.  The unborn aren’t free to choose to live because abortion takes their rights away. 

    • jemat

      You’re right.  We have the right to choose.  How barbaric that anyone would take away that right.  We live in a free country, gosh darnit!  I should be able to choose things!  Charles Manson was just making choices!  Why is he in jail??  This is a free country!  Timothy McVay was making a choice!  We shouldn’t impose our beliefs that bombing a building filled with people is horrific and wrong on him!  It’s his choice!  We’re so arrogant to put laws in place that make it illegal to harm someone else.  What is this country coming to??

      • xepidas

        Hahaha…jemat, you’re awesome 🙂

  • Male_NICU_RN

    I just caught the late airing of Huckabee and this is one impressive young lady. I will be doing what I can to help this cause!

  • Steve Bark

    I had trouble too. Google Chrome would not even go to this site and IE is very slow to respond. God bless this young lady and I will pray for her.

  • Vsan96

    We in the United States are truly fortunate to have the
    natural rights, government granted privileges, and the opportunities that we
    possess.  A large portion of the
    Progressive’s ideology originates from outside of the U.S.A., from less
    affluent societies, who have struggled for ages to develop a better way of
    life.  Also, a portion of our society has
    adopted the “Progressive” ideology after realizing that there are some apparent merits to the distorted way of
    thinking that is often referred to as “Progressing thinking”.

    It has been well stated that, “Misery loves company”.  And indeed, the Progressive ideology
    represents true misery.  But, clearly, they
    want what we have.  They need what we
    have.  Their ideology is based upon obtaining
    what the more successful and affluent people have acquired.  Therefore, in order to obtain what we have,
    the Progressives must “progress” towards obtaining the US.  That literal progress from outside of US to inside of US is truly a foreign
    ideology, but is based upon a type of natural characteristic of human behavior
    that is more commonly known as, and quite appropriately referred to as
    “jealousy”, that naturally evolved and began its progression, or its long march
    into America well over a century ago when it was seen from several foreign
    sources that our growing affluence of the American way of life began developing
    during the often referred to, “Industrial Age” that had produced several
    wealthy people in the United States, and indeed had great potential to other
    less industrious individuals.  It became
    very clear to several people, and was realized by dishonest foreigners to be clearly
    desirable, for the taking.

    The Progressive movement from outside, into America has grown
    tremendously because ignorance has been discovered by many to be “bliss”.  It was falsely seen to many greedy people to
    require that they must lawfully misrepresent
    the facts and issues in order to obtain a gain. 
    Misrepresenting and distorting reality has grown to be the firm basis of
    the Progressive methods that are steadily and assertively used today, but often
    in a passive manner so as to slowly encroach upon our liberties, distorting
    them so as to slowly mold them to conform to the foreign traits of these
    outside interests.

    Intentionally misrepresenting the facts in order to gain a
    financial interest or benefit is lawfully termed “fraud”, no matter how they
    accomplish it, but oftentimes done with a somewhat slow and skillful
    encroachment tactic in order to avoid ease of detection.  But, just what are they trying to
    accomplish?  One world government, so
    that we more fortunate people will be forced to support the less fortunate
    people that are not only Americans, but are also outside of the US, as foreigners.  That is the fraudulent goal of the
    Progressives.  As with most who employ
    deceptive methods to achieve a financial advantage, or gain, the Progressives have
    been induced to believe that must deceive in order to achieve. But to our great
    salvation, there is a legal doctrine of law in the United States that demands
    that, “fraud vitiates everything.”

    In order to accomplish this, “One World Government”, who
    George Soros perceives himself to be the head of, those Progressing into taking
    over of this country, must control the methods of communication that we use, so
    they can effectively deceive US, and “mold our minds and thinking”, consistent
    with the technique of conquer from within.  While we Americans were distracted, and
    sleeping, they have purchased the media in order to control our communication,
    and distort the facts, in their favor. 
    Cable TV is next.  The Internet is
    following, as you know.  Democrats and
    their taxation and regulations will do us in.

    But, lets face it; George Soros is Anti-American, because he
    was not born here.  If he was a real
    legal American, he would have different views. 
    George Soros, being the head of the Progressives, shows US that the
    Progressives are Anti-American, as this Obama Administration has proved.  Almost all of the real American Progressives
    who were part of this Administration, have jumped a sinking ship, because they
    know that George Soros put Obama into the Whitehouse, and is sinking.   But, George Soros quickly followed up on his
    getting Obama into the Whitehouse by personally going into the Whitehouse several
    times to coordinate his efforts with Obama, and to secretly pay Obama for his
    accomplishments.  Were their meetings
    witnessed? No.  Nobody saw the envelope
    that Obama received from Soros, and nobody knows how much money was in it.  When an American President receives money
    from an Anti-American, and then pursues the same Anti-American policies of the
    Anti-American payer, a conspiracy is formed, and the President deserves to be
    fired, or impeached, as “fraud vitiates everything”.  Please research “conspiracy”, and “fraud and
    deceit”.  Please!  It is easy to get the clear undistorted facts
    when you research in the encyclopedia publications referred to as, “Words and
    Phrases” in a good law library.   You will
    clearly see how those matters apply to this Administration.  Those dishonest techniques have been successfully used with “ObamaCare” to put
    every American (even innocent Americans) under the personal jurisdiction of the
    Internal Revenue Service.  Would you like
    to see all of our young children and other innocent parties under the
    jurisdiction of the IRS.  Why do you
    think thousands of new IRS agents have been immediately hired by this
    Administration?  “Obama care” is one arm under
    the cloak of deception that is being
    used by Soros, under the color of law to overthrow this country.

    As you know, almost all Progressives are basically sorry,
    miserable, hardheaded, misled, and/or ignorant individuals.  The “Beck Educational System” is the only
    answer, since the Progressives own the media that shapes the minds of the
    ignorant, thereby controlling them.  For
    real Americans, Glen Beck seems to be the only real unbiased answer.  And, then we have the brave Andrew Breitbart
    emerging as a glimmer of sunlight that deserves more good bright light.

    Professor Glenn Beck, as the head of “just and proper”
    education, must expand his well needed teaching capabilities.  This requires a Glen Beck and Andrew Breitbart
    American Library.  Good supporters will
    contribute.  But, a watchful eye needs to
    watch out for the destructive Progressives. 
    Those Progressives are, indeed, Anti-Americans, and need to be educated
    in order for US to save this country. 
    Under the guise of free speech and free press, the Soros funded
    WikiLeaks has contributed greatly to the Progressive movement of overthrowing
    the American system of government.

    Free Speech and Free Press is an American concept, for
    Americans, not for foreigners, but it is being deceptively used under the
    “color of law”, to destroy this country. 
    Textbooks target our children. 
    Our public educational system is being used to conquer us from
    within.  The cloak of deception can only
    be removed by proper education.  But, the
    Progressives are not receptive to reasonableness, or proper, because of the
    many George Soros’ Anti-American influences. 
    The main goal of the many leftist movements was dictated by Soros,
    explaining that that do not want to be exposed, and must do everything within
    their power to distract from their exposure. 
    And, that the ignorant will easily believe their distortions of the
    truth.  Therefore, we must strive to
    educate our people in order to save this greatest country in the history of the
    world.  The U.S. Constitution made us the
    greatest country in the history of the world, and is not “outdated”.  Soros wants us to believe that the
    Constitution has outlived its usefulness, and is outdated.  That is why the ignorant drug addicts push
    that idea.  Although ignorance is the
    root of all evil, as you said, the love of money is really the root of all

    We must make sure that we do not throw our vote away.  We must prevent voter fraud, and prevent the
    reelection of Obama.  This prevention of
    election fraud will go a long ways towards fighting the Obama/Soros fraud.  Stop voter fraud by removing computers from
    the voting process.  Computer can be
    corrupted.  And, Soros can afford to
    conceal their corruption.

  • Doctorbill

    Sometimes the “Right to Choose” may be in the wrong hands (or the wrong folks) It can be interpreted by some as “The Right To Do What I Want to Do!”  Regardless of whether it breaks the Laws of the Land or the LAWS of GOD.  “God Bless Lila Rose !!!   Abortion, may be medically necessary in some cases to “Save a Life” , not simply to destroy or KILL one.!!!! 

  • Jessiethompson1985

    so is the choice, the path to the plan? that is a interesting thought isn’t it. the next question that  you have to ask;  where is God in the choice or out come of that choice? not all people are going to make the right choice. the choice is the great debate of the generations. how do we Christians respond to a bad choice like abortion or gay marriage?  Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    After seeing Lila on Huckabee I posted a link to on a website I have and within 12 hours I had 20 hack attempts! Touched a nerve somewhere, I guess.