Why My Generation Will End Abortion

America implemented a record number of pro-life laws in 2011. It is clear that we are consistently becoming a stronger pro-life country, but that is but a fraction of the indication that my generation will be the one to end abortion.

March for Life 2012

Youth March for Life in Washington, D.C. Photo by Sal Guerrero.

Support for abortion continues to plummet. The online campaign sponsored by Planned Parenthood and a slew of other abortion-rights groups, “Trust Women Week,” has garnered fewer than 110,000 “virtual” marchers, where the annual March for Life in DC had about 400,000 marchers—four times as many— physically attend the rally. That alone speaks volumes. Moreover, the media completely disregarded or distorted reports on the March—again— demonstrating not just bias, but practically media malpractice.

Polls are showing Americans (especially  those under 35) are more pro-life than ever, even though Planned Parenthood so desperately clings to the falsity that America is a “pro-choice” nation.

Most notably, even though nearly half their billion-dollar revenue is now granted to them via taxpayer dollars, Planned Parenthood saw an $85,000,000 decline in private donations between 2009 and 2010. At this point the abortion giant has been defunded in nine states, including New Hampshire, which stripped funding from Planned Parenthood just last week.

Former Planned Parenthood employees like Patti Giebink, former Planned Parenthood abortion doctor, Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood clinic director, and Catherine Adair, former clinic worker, have spoken up and are ready and willing to testify against Planned Parenthood, and are exposing the injustices perpetuated by the industry.

Science and technology are on our side.

Actual audio from the Roe vs. Wade case reveals the following:

Unborn Child at 12 Weeks

Unborn baby, 12 weeks old

Justice Byron White: “…one of the important factors that has to be considered in this case is what rights, if any does the unborn fetus have?”

Justice Potter Stewart: “…the basic constitutional question, initially, is whether or not an unborn fetus is a person. That’s critical to this case… if it were established that an unborn fetus is a person within the protection of the 14th amendment, you would have almost an impossible case here,” to which attorney Sarah Weddington response: “I would have a very difficult case.”

Considering science has long since proven that the unborn are unique, individual human beings from the moment of conception, and we have the ability to prove this, especially with modern ultrasound and sonogram technology, it is but a matter of time before Roe collapses entirely.

The pro-life movement is a youth-oriented movement. Mainstream movies like Juno and Knocked Up (although crude) that depict a pro-life message will continue to become increasingly popular, and strongly pro-life movies that aren’t mainstream (like Bella and soon-to-be-released October Baby) will become so.

Regarding the March for Life in 2010, NARAL president Nancy Keenan admitted  her concern for the vast number of pro-life youth activists.  “There are so many of them, and they are so young,” she said.  She’s right—the overwhelming majority of attendees at the March for Life are young, and there are a lot of us. A whole lot.

Polling data has shown that American young adults are increasingly pro-life.

This leads me to the most convincing of all— the fact that top pro-abortion rights forces are acknowledging that those on the side of life are winning the war against the unborn.

Abortion-rights blogger Jill Filipovic writes “2011 was a really terrible year for abortion rights. Really, incredibly terrible.”

A Planned Parenthood representative and RH Reality Check writer stated that “the sky is falling on Roe v Wade” and that it has been falling “incrementally” the last 39 years.

Planned Parenthood cried that “2011 was a rough year for choice.” (Which we all know means abortion) and said “It’s no secret 2011 has been a crazy year for us. The attacks on PP have been relentless…”

“It has been a breathtaking year watching abortion rights disappear in the United States,” Rachel Maddow, a pro-abortion rights commentator on MSNBC, said after briefly reporting on the March for Life.

NARAL has the same outlook on the bleak future of abortions rights that Planned Parenthood does, publishing articles headlined “…Report Shows State-Level Attacks on Choice Skyrocketed in 2011; Analysis Shows 2012 Could Be Even Worse…”

The next few years are bleak for abortion.  We are the (near) future doctors, lawmakers and congress-members of America, and we are pro-life.


Jennie sporadically makes YouTube videos and impulsively tweets pro-life tidbits.