Women Speak for Themselves Petition

There’s a petition out there that women might want to sign, affirming their opposition to the false claims of government leaders who claim to “speak for women”. The text of the open letter to PRESIDENT OBAMA, SECRETARY SEBELIUS AND MEMBERS OF CONGRESS is as follows:


We are women who support the competing voice offered by Catholic institutions on matters of sex, marriage and family life. Most of us are Catholic, but some are not. We are Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Many, at some point in our careers, have worked for a Catholic institution. We are proud to have been part of the religious mission of that school, or hospital, or social service organization. We are proud to have been associated not only with the work Catholic institutions perform in the community – particularly for the most vulnerable — but also with the shared sense of purpose found among colleagues who chose their job because, in a religious institution, a job is always also a vocation.

Those currently invoking “women’s health” in an attempt to shout down anyone who disagrees with forcing religious institutions or individuals to violate deeply held beliefs are more than a little mistaken, and more than a little dishonest. Even setting aside their simplistic equation of “costless” birth control with “equality,” note that they have never responded to the large body of scholarly research indicating that many forms of contraception have serious side effects, or that some forms act at some times to destroy embryos, or that government contraceptive programs inevitably change the sex, dating and marriage markets in ways that lead to more empty sex, more non-marital births and more abortions. It is women who suffer disproportionately when these things happen.

No one speaks for all women on these issues. Those who purport to do so are simply attempting to deflect attention from the serious religious liberty issues currently at stake. Each of us, Catholic or not, is proud to stand with the Catholic Church and its rich, life-affirming teachings on sex, marriage and family life. We call on President Obama and our Representatives in Congress to allow religious institutions and individuals to continue to witness to their faiths in all their fullness.

Ladies can go ahead and sign it here. Government leaders, and groups like Planned Parenthood, may claim to stand up for all women… but they don’t.

  • Sarah M

    This is awesome! And it is so affirming to scroll through the petition signers and see how many women, from so many different professions, stand together for a culture of life!

  • guest

    No one speaks for all women. That’s absurd. There are over three billion women in the world. But it’s the job of the government to act on behalf of most women’s interests. Just because some women don’t agree (and there will ALWAYS be exceptions to every situation) doesn’t mean the government is doing the wrong thing. Sign the petition all you want, it doesn’t have any bearing on what is right for most women.

    • Rosemary Bogdan

      Are you saying (guest), that women do not know what is right for themselves and we should let the government tell us since it knows better?  How does the government determine what is in the best interests of most women if not by listening to the women themselves?  BTW, are you a woman?

      • Mrdadelus

         Obviously that’s isn’t what she’s saying.  You seem to be in favor of refusing services for all based on the opinions of a few.  Everybody should know what is right for themselves, but having fewer options as this letter submits, is tantamount to refusing the protections for all.  You’re implying that all women will be forced to take or use some form of contraceptive.  How insane is that?

  • Torbach

    “they have never responded to the large body of scholarly research indicating that many forms of contraception have serious side effects, ”

    as someone who has no medical background… 

    1) i’d like to see your sources. 
    2) I’ll respond, it should at least be the employee choice if she wants to use it, not her employers right to refuse it for her

  • Slyladie

    The Obama administration should keep their views to themselves and stop trying to speak for women. We are smart enough to know what is good for us, we do not want anyone speaking for us. We who live according to our religion do not want Obama or anyone else interfering with how I live my life. Keep your nose out of my life and what I choose to do with itl. I have never used any form of contraception and I don’t want anyone else to speak for me.  

  • Rosemarie Birrenkott

    The birth comtrol pill came out when I was young and firtile.  By simple reason, I knew, that one could not ingest into ones body something that would change what is natural without consequence.  The history of the pill has proved this to be so. It has also led to many social ills. 

  • Kim

    ….mainstream media will never show footage of the hundreds of thousands who marched peacefully at The March for Life in D.C. in January…as well as all of the women who spoke out against abortion, contarception, regretting their abortion along with the mental anguish that follows. Mainstream media (abc, cbs, nbc) is so one-side it’s rediculous!!!  I listen to them to “know my enemy”..and then I listen to FOX/fair and balanced as well as EWTN/The World Over…for sound information!  Those stations represent as many if not more women who respect life from the womb to the tomb…and who believe in our first amendment religious rights!!!   Let’s get real!!!

  • Puenthouse

    My Gynecologist 47 yr ago told me he could not give me the birth control pill after my first child was born because he said it was the biggest experiment on woman and that they did not fully understand how it worked.  Never used it and learned Natural Family Planning.  It was so good for our marriage and now I’m healthy and happily married for 48 years. 
    Does anyone every wonder how many health issues women or their children or their grandchildren have,  due to taking the birth control pill for most of their lives.  Might be something to investigate.
    You can not  fool Mother Nature.  God made our bodies to work in harmony and you can’t  pretend  that a pill can stop  what God intended from the beginning of creation.

  • Kathy

    the link to sign the petition is not working – please help!

  • Cookie1932

    A right to conscience is God given…..not state or government mandated

  • Tess208

    I am childless because 30 years ago my very Catholic doctor prescribed birth control pills for a medical problem; I was opposed to anything that I had to take daily, but I came to see his points.  I was single and being a “good Catholic young woman” in no need of contraception.  What no one knew then was that the pill fosters fibroid tumors in those genetically pre-disposed (I was).  After two years on the pill, and two miscarriages I had a total hysterectomy and the realization that my husband and I would never be parents, or grandparents.  My doctor was not to blame, the connection was not known at the time.  My question today is, “what do they not know today?”  For those who inisist that they need birth control, consider NFP.

  • Donni

    Ladies, think about choice.  While I may not agree with one church’s position completely……I do believe that in America, we should be free to choose. I worked in A Crisis Preg. counseling girls and women for 5 years.  These women did not have a choice.  They were being forced by boyfriends, parents,  husbands and society to abort.  We have women in the media saying they speak for us…….when many of us have different opinions……..many of us are paying for abortion, birth control and many other things we do not agree with.  We need to step up to the plate now, no matter what our faith choice is and let our voices be heard before we have no voice at all in any matters.  

  • catherine b.

    Stop killing babies.  Adoption not abortion.


    THANK GOD for mom and dad who had 11 kids. Dad’s brother had 15 and his other brother had 13 and the list goes on. More inportant my grandfather had 17 kids
    We love Jesus, we Love life. I am so grateful for being in a family that does not support abortion and GOD bless so many times. So want to thank GOD for
    all you have given us but especially the gift of LIFE!!!!

  • Kathleen

    God bless you, it inspiring to see women doing what women do best, protecting threats on family, God and their children