Pro-Life Youth Mobilize at Street Fair to Say No to Planned Parenthood and Abortion

By John Johnson (Youth Ministries Coordinator for St. Peter’s in Dixon, CA)

“Planned Parenthood has a booth at the Street Fair.” This was the text message sent to me, a youth minister, by a 13-year-old middle schooler attending the fair in our small town on Holy Saturday. After I expressed my opinion, the shocking part came: “Don’t worry, John, I talked to them; these people are from the good part of Planned Parenthood. They don’t do abortions. They want to help keep moms keep their babies!” I had to see for my self. Sure enough, there was Planned Parenthood, decked in pink, sporting a large banner that read: “We’re here.” Staffed by four women, they were operating a little basket toss game for the kids and handing out candy with smiles.

We live in a town with a predominant Hispanic population; I found it interesting that they stuck with the Sanger playbook – they were staffed by Hispanic women, one who even brought her child. It was clear what was happening. Our town does not have a Planned Parenthood; this was their first step in. By appearing benign, even warm and child friendly, they were marketing themselves strictly as a community woman’s health organization – the word “abortion” was not to be found in their repertoire. Many families passing by had no idea what their true objective was. They were innocently letting their children take candy and helping themselves to a promotional pin.

Quickly I sent out a text message and Facebook invite to all in our youth group. “Meet in 10 minutes at street fair to protest Planned Parenthood.” 7 showed up immediately; I explained what was going on; another young adult brought some quickly printed signs and within the half-hour, we had 7 young people peacefully praying on the sidewalk in front of their booth with signs taped to their shirts.

The Planned Parenthood staff was not happy; they hastened to the police and accused us of harassment. Of course the police had no problems with our demonstration which had two immediate effects: 1) Since our signs simply said the word “abortion” and were next to a Planned Parenthood booth, traffic to the booth instantly stopped. There were no more visitors to their booth for the rest of the day. As soon as the booth was actually associated with their true purpose, people wanted nothing to do with them – their ruse as child-friendly community helpers was off. 2) The witness of the young people’s demonstration inspired the rest of the fair’s attendees.

Within an hour, our group of 7 grew to about 25. People walked by and joined us in prayer. One young man made a large “honk for life” sign – passing traffic showed their support also. Organizers of the fair were approaching us and commending us for our work. We were rallied together for life.

Much earlier than the other booths at the fair, Planned Parenthood packed up and left, very perturbed. With a fake smile, they tried to give the rest of their pink shirts to some kids at the end of the block. The kids, who were newly educated by our demonstrators, immediately accused the departing Planned Parenthood reps of racism, took a marker to their shirts, crossed off “I stand,” and augmented their new shirt’s message: “I’M NOT DOWN with Planned Parenthood.”

The fairs organizer apologized for Planned Parenthood’s presence and told us that they would not be back. And I doubt they will ever try to open a clinic in our town. Prayer and the witness of the town’s youth had won the day. But what would have been if we all stayed home?

  • oldmanbob

    Its great you did what you did and stood up for the truth. Nonetheless just like roaches they will try again. Maybe some other way, but they will be back.

  • Sshipman

    It is so refreshing to see our Young People stand up for life! Great job and God bless all of them.

  • Krystal

    That’s awesome!

  • Jurinne

    “Out of the mouths of babes….” This is a story that gives me hope. Maybe, just maybe, PP will collapse.

  • Bassgst1

    I believe abortion should be by choice, it shouldn’t be stopped everywhere, if those 334,000 babies were alive, a major difference I’n our economy will change but to a drop, if you don’t want abortions, then simply don’t have sex or wear condom, it’s tiring how people protest to this, people go to abortions by CHOICE! imagine feeding those extra few houndred thousands of people, California is suffering majorly most likely to the the immagrants crossing here, if you all want to do something right then stop the immagrants! If you got rid of them than no would be having an abortion! People would actually afford to have a baby with a Job at least.
    America is freedom of speech so anyone can say what they want. These are my words, don’t like them, than oh well.

    • SB

      You think the 330,000 abortions last year were ALL from illegal immigrants? “No [one] would be having abortions”? We have plenty of money, resources, and land for those people. Diversions like yours take away the reality that each abortion kills a living human. No economical policy can make that OK. Many do not have abortions by choice. For example, Planned Parenthood is in trouble for doing an abortion for a girl raped by her coach who took her there for an abortion. They did not report it as a crime (which they are required by law to do) and they sent her back with her abuser. In Ireland, where abortion is illegal, women have the lowest mortality rate in the world. Abortion increases cancer and other risks. PP exists not out of social kindness, but specialized population control (eugenics) and MONEY. That’s why this “non-profit” gets $80 million in profits after expenses year after year.

    • Billy

      Yeah, it so easy to place a monetary value on a human life?????

      Honestly, come on! Where is your moral code? Do you have one? Abortion is murder. Hitler said he was helping Germany’s economy by killing all the Jews. Was that alright? What is a Jew worth in your value system?

      • 12angrymen

        I am Jewish, and I am greatly offended that you are comparing abortion to the holocaust. Abortion is bad yes, but the torture and pain that Hitler inflicted on a specific group of people cannot be compared to simply killing. My great grandfather survived a camp, and he told me many of the people who suffered there wished they had been killed quickly rather than starve, work tirelessly, and watch so many people they knew whither away. Please do not ever make that comparison again.

        • Jeff

          I am sorry that you are offended by the truth. I sympathize for the pain your great grandfather went through just as I am appalled at the evil that the most vulnerable in our nation face today. Are you saying that one life is more valuable than another? Life is Life. Killing children in the womb is no different than the killing Hitler did. Abortion is a systematic killing to a problem of unwanteds just a extermination was the systematic killing of Jews (or the unwanted in German society). Abortion is permitted by the state and even paid for by the state in some cases just as extermination was in Nazi Germany. What you should be offended about is that after World War II, we said “never again”. Yet the death toll from abortion is now greater than 10X the horrendous losses suffered by the Jewish people. May we all be one. But the comparison rightly stands.

          • 12angrymen

            No, I am saying that most of the Jews that were killed during the war were not just simply killed; they were brutally tortured and made to suffer. Those that did survive were forever scarred. People lost not only their children, but their fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, etc. Abortion is bad yes, and I’m sorry if I am coming off a bit strong. I have just heard people throwing around what happened during WWII to the Jewish people (not just Jewish people in fact, but other minority races as well) without a thought, not thinking how their words will affect people.

          • Luis

            The Nazi genocide of Jews and the present genocide of babies are distinct in many ways, but they also have many similarities. You, 12angry, can get upset about comparisons, but it is not worth it. Just get to work to end abortion and at the same time get to work to end the encouragement that Obama is giving the mohammedans to kill the Jews in the middle east. Yes, the word is “encouragement,” directly or indirectly. Obama, the scourge of our days, both in relation to babies and in relation to Jews. [come and get me, Janet and Eric, and Institute for Civil Discourse/U of Arizona]

          • vesey

            When we have reached the point where one form of mass murder can be considered worse than another form of mass murder, maybe it’s a good time to reevaluate our motives for condemning mass murder at all. If not then we’re potentially, if even in a small way, leaving open the possibility of excepting the legitimacy of some kind of mass murder. Don’t believe that ?? Then explain how we got to the point of legalizing abortion in the first place…….

        • Billy made no comparison of abortion to the holocaust. He simply held Bassgst1 standard up to the holocaust to show how it did not work in life and death situations. His point was simply killing for economic reasons is wrong. I think all people would agree that what Hitler did not matter how economically beneficial (which it wasn’t) was wrong. Bill was trying to get Bassgst1 to admit that economic reasons alone are not enough to justify killing. By getting Bassgst1 to admit that killing in at least some cases in wrong on economic ground that it would defeat Bassgst1 argument that we can approach life and death issues from a primary economic perspective.

    • Jurinne

      Bah! Humbug! Get rid of those babies to help stop the over-population problem. If you don’t want to murder, then don’t murder. If you don’t want to drive drunk, then don’t drive drunk. Your answer is simplistic and unrealistic.

  • Stevodj

    Too bad you folks don’t actually “Listen” to Planned Parenthood’s message. They no more want to help mothers abort their children than you do. They do however become proactive and assist young, confused mothers-to-be by counseling them to seek alternative measures before making the ultimate, difficult choice to abort. To force an unwanted child to live in God knows what conditions is cruel, not the abortion itself. Perhaps if all “Pro-Lifers” would take all these unwanted (sometimes rape or incest victims) children in, there would be no need for these services. Put your energy towards fixing a problem before condemning an organization that receives NO Federal Funding for the portion of their actions you protest.

    • Anonymous

      “by counseling them to seek alternative measures”

      Really? What does the data say…

      Planned Parenthood: We Performed 134 Abortions for Every Adoption Referral

      The full numbers for 2008 were:

      324,008 Abortions of Preborn Humans
      2,405 Adoption Referrals (Planned Parenthood does not do adoptions themselves)


    • 12angrymen

      While there are some Planned Parenthoods that do give extensive counseling, unfortunately most only offer information regarding abortion.

    • Luis

      You need to know the following.

      1. Planned Parenthood derives 35% of its profits from abortions.
      2. Planned Parenthood refers 2 girls and women to adoption services for every 98 that they keep for abortion profits.
      3. Pro lifers adopt many babies from mothers who cannot keep them. And many others would adopt babies but PP doesn’t give them the chance.
      4. Planned Parenthood receives federal funding and uses it to free up money for the promotion of abortion, so it is the same as getting federal funding directly, explicitly for abortion.

      Ask Gianna Jessen if she would have preferred that the abortion her mother tried to kill her with had worked. See

      You are trying entirely too hard to defend the indefensible.

    • vesey

      Children conceived of rape or incest are somehow not worthy of life ??? Killing a child is’nt cruel, it’s being born in an imperfect environment is ??? You are truly twisted bucko…….

  • Bassgst1: “…if those 334,000 babies were alive…”

    Would killing another 334,000 babies give us an economic recovery? You’re disgusting, Bassgst1.

    • IDGAF!

      LoL, wtf, he never said u should kill them, simply if the child was born into a couple who was prepared to have a child, he would have better benefits, a better life, and be treated right, most people who go to church are from families who have had difficulties in there life and say god helped them, then you are taught that abortions are all bad, but in fact they are not all bad, some are even helpful, you say Bassgst1 is disgusting, yet you are the moron who is saying that all people she have a baby whether or not they are ready, ruining more life’s. Abortion is in fact killing a life that has not seen the world, but maybe that life was not ready to be brought into this world. Think before u speak, i swear, some people are just plain idiots, and say what they are taught, not able to think on their own. Have a good day sir, and use a condom if you even getting some, we dont want more idiots like you walking around in this world. haha. xD

      • vesey

        Try writing your statement again after the drugs wear off and see if it sounds as logical as you think it does…………

        • IDGAF!

          Haha, really? drugs? thats all u can think of…….ppl always say that when they cant think of something good to say…..its ok ill give u a chance to come up with something better….no rush either. 🙂

          • vesey

            If that many people think you have a drug problem then you should probably listen. Your ramblings were so incoherent i can’t think of any other reason then drugs as the culprit, would you rather i just assumed you were stupid ??

          • IDGAF!

            Im not saying that they say it to me, but in general, its like, damn i cant think of a good come back, hmmm lets just say they do drugs, yeah that sounds like a good idea…lol, so im stupid because i make sense? what are you in like middle school?

          • vesey

            Actually i’m retired but this article is about middle schoolers that could figure out that abortion is evil. I would say they are much brighter and more discerning than you, so your suggestion that being in middle school is somehow a negative thing fails miserably. It seems everytime you open your mouth you just increase my low opinion of you. Don’t like it ?? Don’t open your mouth. Besides i won’t be responding to anymore of your ramblings……………………

          • IDGAF!

            abortion is evil? wtf does that even mean, i think it was god’s idea to put this on earth. 🙂

  • SB

    Coolest thing I’ve heard in WEEKS. It was youth-led, peaceful, happy, truthful, and supported by the community. There’s a reason they set up shop in minority parts of town. They say it’s that more minorities have unwanted pregnancies…their history says something quite different. How many PP’s do they set up in wealthy, white urban developments?

  • PROlifeandPP

    Planned Parenthood wants our youth to PROTECT themselves from having unplanned pregnancies, STIs and STDS, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. The organization believes that the best way to protect our youth is by educating them about the use of contraceptives and birth control. There is no way kids today will stop having sex. Yes, abortion is an option for those who choose that, but many people like me, decide to have the child because they do share the same stand that every life we create should be saved. Planned Parenthood is being attacked constantly but if they go under, parents are still not willing to believe their children are having sex and therefore, may be afraid to tell their kids about the reality of it all. I believe that a child should be raised in a nurturing and loving, safe, and a financially stable home; and not all women who get pregnant can actually give that person inside of them that kind of a home. Why? Because we’re human and we’re selfish. The children who are living and breathing today are the ones we need to take care of. We should be pro-life to children who are experiencing and FEELING hurt physically, emotionally, and mentally. THOSE are the kids that need us, pro-lifers.

    • When did not funding Planned Parenthood = there would be no sex ed for kids in school?

      • PROlifeandPP

        in Texas, it’s abstinence-only and we’re 3rd highest in teen pregnancies and 1st in repeated teen births. students are only told of the FAILURES of contraceptives and birth control; and sex ed is emphasized to be abstinence-only-til-marriage. even then, students are not receiving enough information how to use these methods and are told to wait when obviously kids are easily influenced by their peers who are engaged in sexual activity and in the media and their hormones to discover what sex is

        • That doesn’t answer my question, can good sex ed happen without Planned Parenthood? School need to hire good sex educators and they can do that whether Planned Parenthood is getting federal funds or not. Most sex-ed in the country isn’t done by Planned Parenthood no matter where it is.

        • Kate

          That is not true. I as well as everyone I know that attended public school got very little abstinence talks. All they talked about in my sex-ed/health class was STDS and contraception. Abstinence-only is not going on in Texas public schools!!!!!

        • vesey

          I’ll make you a deal PRO, when PP quits the killing, i’ll join you in endorsing tax funds for their sex ed activities. Are you with me ???

      • Hollyhansard

        Unfortunately, our school nurse here in Far Northern California, as “nice” as she is, teaches her “Sex education” classes right out of a Planned Parenthood book so called, “age appropriate” text/manual designed for the public schools. It’s like a curriculum. Next week, on May 10th, the “sex education” classes for the 4th graders begin. (Fourth graders are generally 8, 9 and 10 years of age.) I have signed a document saying that I don’t want my daughter to have ANYTHING to do with his, and, I am inclined to take her out of the public school. However, I am not at total liberty to take her out, since her father is my “X” and though I have primary physical custody of her, we have joint “legal custody” of her. My daughter’s father is FOR public school education and, he (in his ignorance?) is for the “sex education” classes in the public schools designed by “Planned Parenthood.” So what is a Mother to do? In any event, I will meet with the school nurse in private and have her go over the curricula with me in private to show interest in finding out about exactly what she plans to teach to the children (and, perhaps also to share some information from Live Action on what is, and who is planned parenthood with the nurse), and to show that I am not simply being a “knee jerk religious christian.” It will also be helpful to be brought up to date on the subject. Judging by what was said on the advertisement for this public school event coming next week, it sounds like they will be teaching the 9 and 10 year olds about “safe sex.” (?) The Literature that was handed out to the parents (via the children) say that the Nurse will be teaching about “aids” and STD’s and “aids prevention.”

    • Also, why has STI, STDs, etc all gone up dramatically since Planned Parenthood expanded nationwide? Why aren’t their methods reducing overall infections?

      • PROlifeandPP

        because 20-to-30-something-year-olds enjoy casual sex. teenagers think they need to be 18 to buy condoms or are ashamed to be judged by those around them that a 15yr old is having sex. trust me, PP is not to blame for increased STIs and STDs in the nation.

        • Teen pregnancy over the years has fallen while STI/STDs have risen. This means teens are preventing pregnancy but not protecting from STI/STDs.

          Planned Parenthood’s push for oral contraceptives and emergency birth control I believe is a major cause of this. Youth think that because they are on the pill that they are protected or protected enough or that they can use emergency birth control later. Youth are given a false sense of security and then start getting and sharing infections.

          How do you explain the departing pregnancy and STI numbers? Do you think that birth control that doesn’t stop STIs should be pushed for youth?

        • vesey

          I agree that PP is not the blame for increased sti and std but they are to blame for a higher than necessary infant mortality rate…………

      • 12angrymen

        We could look at this a few different ways; since PP has become more popular more and more people have been able to get pap smears, blood tests, etc. Since PP greatly pushes anonymity, even for teenagers, it is a popular place to go to and people feel no “shame” going in. Therefore we could say that the number of STDs have stayed relatively the same, but the detection of them has greatly increased as people are getting checked regularly.

        We could also hypothesize that the culture of today has become more and more sexually oriented; almost every pg 13 movie out there promotes intercourse, along with a growing number of tv shows. Nowadays almost every home in the United States has a television, and therefore the media influence on kids and even adults has grown drastically.

        Another explanation (albeit a very simple one) is that obviously the total world population has grown, and therefore inevitably you will get more people having sex and contracting STDs. Although there are ways to be responsible about it out there, people as a whole will never act totally responsibly. I think the only real way for STDs/STIs to go down a huge amount is if there are more medical breakthroughs in vaccinations, such as the one that can prevent certain strains of HPV. Until then I am certain STDs will always be around unless people can act 100 percent responsibly (and we all know that will never be the case).

        • Teen pregnancy over the years has fallen while STI/STDs have risen. This means teens are preventing pregnancy but not protecting from STI/STDs.

          Planned Parenthood’s push for oral contraceptives and emergency birth control I believe is a major cause of this. Youth think that because they are on the pill that they are protected or protected enough or that they can use emergency birth control later. Youth are given a false sense of security and then start getting and sharing infections.

          How do you explain the departing pregnancy and STI numbers? Do you think that birth control that doesn’t stop STIs should be pushed for youth?

          How does having more people on the other side of the world = a higher STD rate? The STD is a rate meaning that it is based on total population.

          Why do you think there were so few STDs before the 50s (before PP)?

          • 12angrymen

            Because as the pill becomes more popular, the number of pregnancies decreases. However as I said before people are not completely responsible, and therefore may either be too lazy, or just plain irresponsible to use a condom as well as the pill. All of the PP locations that I have called (I did a project on PP in college) encouraged people to use condoms as well as the pill, I think people just generally do not like using condoms.

            In addition today, as compared to the 50s, there is a higher rate of STD detection. People are not as ashamed to go and get checked for STDs as I said before. Also it could be said that the total percentage of the population have multiple sex partners, or sex outside of marriage, has continued to rise since the 50s.

    • Christenwyatt

      Poor kids still can have loving parents so your argument is mute. Abortion is murder period! The choice is to have sex or not. If you do then there are consequences. Teaching kids to use rubbers does not stop pregancy or the spread of stds, hiv/aids, or stis, they only give young people a false since of security. Teach our children to abstain from sex and you save lives.

    • Luis


      Planned Parenthood is the single most important cause of breast cancer in the United States today.

      Remember also, that PP said that when the restrictions on birth control were removed, when abortion was pletifully available, that there would be no more unwanted childre. PP is built on LIES and ILLUSIONS.

    • vesey

      PP can do all of those educational activities without killing a single child. I agree that children should be born into the best circumstances possible, but killing them because maybe the environment may not be ideal is a truly bizarre way of showing concern. By the way, the child in the womb is experiencing and feeling from very early on in the pregnancy. Your pretensions of caring for the child is a very shabby and tasteless way of endorsing murder…….

  • Grace

    Praise God! I am so impressed with you all!

  • Brbence

    Great story.

  • YAY! And what a marvelous use of new technology!

  • Sharon

    Congratulation to these young people for taking a stand and not being afraid to witness against Planned Parenthood. I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end for PP. No one is buying their lies anymore thanks to our young people being willing to bring the truth to the community.

    • Red Flag

      Um, no offense or anything, but Planned Parenthood isn’t some crazy conspiracy group. Don’t like them? Don’t get an abortion!

      • vesey

        any group that takes innocent life has to be a “crazy conspiracy” group…………….

  • Ibaanpeach

    The heartbeat. Lying in wait, Anxious eyes on the screen. Colors of gray and white, But what do they mean.? The nurse finds. A spot, She says
    “Look here”. I strain as she continues, That. is a baby,my dear.” My eyes well. With tears, My breath hangs in my chest. Such a beautiful image, By far the best.. Just a spot on the screen, Not a distinquishable part.Till she shows me some more, The beat of aheRt. So small and yet fast, The beat is so. Strong. Proving there is life,, Proving nothing is wrong. Y own heart is beating, I fear it may break. The amount of love that I’m feeling,, It surely can’t take. I stare at tour picture, my eyes finally dry, Then. I and and I whisper, See you in July”

    • Dmcmomwife

      that was sick, lbaanpeach!!! did you write that??? can i repost? can i put it on fb? give me your info so i can link it back to you if this rhyme is yours!

    • Jurinne

      I love what you wrote!! Thank you for sharing it….so awesome! 🙂

  • maddylou101

    I hope all of these youth will join the new Facebook Group: Youth for Palin.

    • 12angrymen

      I would have to disagree with you there.

    • Anon


  • Was there a booth for Pregnancy Resource Center if not next State Fair have one with the Biology of Prenatal Development Playing ~
    Awesome movie clips & images of the unborn from the science documentary which I think is the best window into the womb dvd~ Biology of Prenatal Development
    44 sec Movie Theater EHD Morph
    Biologically speaking, “human development begins at fertilization,”
    Human embryo 4Weeks 4Days old~heartbeat in action
    Between 4 and 5 weeks, the brain continues its rapid growth and divides into 5 distinct sections….
    5 weeks Liver & Heart permanent kidneys appear by 5 weeks
    6 weeks the rapidly growing brain
    6 weeks Primitive brainwaves
    In females, the ovaries are identifiable by 7 weeks
    By 8 weeks, 75% of embryos exhibit right-hand dominance
    9 week fetus can also grasp an object & what else
    what a 9-Week Fetus looks like via MRI see ribs lungs

  • Michelle

    I was at the fair on Saturday, and totally appalled to see PP there! I had my three young boys with me, so we tried to just walk past quickly. One of the gals tried to give me their information and sample bag and I told her “no thank you” and quickly hurried by. She seemed a little phased, and I’m glad for it. PP had no place at Dixon’s Community Block Party, and I am so thankful for your group organizing so quickly and getting them to leave!!!

    • Jurinne

      I hope that didn’t ruin your day at the fair. We have lots of fairs where I live because it’s a tourist town. I’ll keep my eyes open and check for any PP booths. PP probably didn’t single out your fair but is there at lots of fairs, trying to change its image. I wonder how many people have been fooled? I loved the photo of the little girl wearing the “altered” tee shirt!



  • This is soooo Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    To add a pertinent detail to the story – Many of the youth there had just been confirmed the Tuesday night before – and took up the challenge to witness for Truth and Life at their first opportunity.
    One of those kids was my son – another was a close friend who the next day was baptized, confirmed and received his First Communion. Both just turned 14.
    I am SO PROUD of both of them and all our youth.
    People in booths adjoining PP were disgusted with PP and supported the kids as well.

  • Shelznh

    Truly amazing! Praise God!

  • scragsma

    AWESOME!!! You’ve got a good group of kids there, for sure!

  • Coit David2

    Praise God.

  • Tricia Farr

    Praise God!! Gave me chills. Thank you to the youth!! God is good.

  • Luis

    No, not “maybe, just maybe Planned Parenthood will collapse.” NO!!! It WILL collapse becasue it is built on lies, because it is immoral, because killing babies is its business.


    • Anon

      Unfortunately, I’m not sure it will collapse. This world is increasingly immoral, corrupt, and selfish.

  • R3Hope2b

    Wish you would have had a video, I would have posted it on my Youtube page. Good Work!

  • Clockwise

    Wow. I don’t mean to sound like a troll or anything, but people who believe planned parenthood is part of some big sex trafficing opperation are idiotic, or at least severely misguided.

    • vesey

      I agree that they are probably misguided too, but not as misguided as those that believe in abortion. We can laugh at the one, but should shudder and cry at the other….

  • Tmcpartlan

    Thank you for your courage!

  • Rdsskier

    I was at the Block Party and questioned the woman at the planned parenthood why they didn’t encourage more adoptions she was very emphatic that “We Don’t Do that; that is not what we do!” And then she started in on the fact that she was “there only to help women”. The lady behind me interrupted with the comment that maybe the woman she should be helping was the girl in the girls womb. At that point the PP lady clammed up and just stood there looking like a deer in the headlights, I think she was ready to go home right then but they toughed it out for another 30 minutes and then left early. It is sad that parents that want to adopt can’t because there are not any babies because they are all being aborted.