Top Three Reasons

to defund Planned Parenthood


They are flush with millions in profits.

Over the past 10 years, Planned Parenthood has taken in more than $500 million in profits. And they receive over $487 million in taxpayer funding each year — while many life-affirming clinics that don’t endanger women and children are given nothing. We need to support life-giving organizations instead of life-destroying organizations.


Their business is abortion.

Planned Parenthood is so intensely focused on their abortion business that their clinics have abortion quotas. They routinely put women’s lives at risk, disregarded abuse victims, ignored women in need, agreed to abort baby girls because they are girls, and denied the humanity of the unborn just to increase their bottom line.


Unsafe: They endanger women and children.

Live Action has exposed several Planned Parenthood clinics who were coaching and covering up for sex traffickersignoring sexual abuse of young girls, and putting women’s lives at risk. When there are so many life-affirming medical providers out there, why would we give tax dollars to an organization that endangers women and children?

Americans have been forced to
support an abortion extremist
organization for too long.

It is time to stand up for liberty and life in America by DEFUNDING Planned Parenthood. Take action now to add your voice, spread the word, and support this effort!

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