Get Involved

Educate Yourself

You can’t effectively share the truth about abortion if you aren’t informed!

  • Check out our awesome pages of Resources and Topics.
  • Be BOLD. Ask questions. It is in that process that you discover the power of what you know as well as what you don’t know and should learn. Please feel free to ask us ( for advice anytime on talking with other about the truth.

Make Your Voice Heard

Facebook and Twitter

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, etc to share pro-life news articles (from places like the Live Action News &, videos that we release (like the Mona Lisa Project), and other relevant pro-life links. This allows our movement to reach people even when major news outlets may not cover us.
  • Share, repost, or retweet anything we put out on our Facebook or Twitter.
  • Share our sweet pro-life graphics with your friends and even make them your profile image. Check them all out!


  • Look for videos that relate to issues about life, the unborn, planned parenthood, racism, etc.
  • Post comments expressing your views. Show the reality of life and the humanity of the unborn. Dialogue with other YouTube users and sharpen your skills at making an effective argument in a gracious way.


  • Look for videos that relate to issues about life, the unborn, planned parenthood, racism, etc.  You can find recent blog posts to comment on by searching for the latest blog posts through Google.
  • Go to Google Blog Search and search for terms like “pro-life” “pro-choice” “planned parenthood” “Margaret Sanger” “abortion” “NARAL” Then hit “Sort by Date” on the right side and select blogs that have been published recently  to comment on.
  • Start a blog | Top 10 Tips From Pro-Life Blogger Jill Stanek

Write your local paper

Work with Live Action

We are always looking for volunteers interested in supporting the pro-life cause. 

  • Skilled graphic designers, or music producers, or others with talents to share should e-mail us your name and skill-set to
  • Writers interested in contributing to Live Action News e-mail
  • High school and college students, as well as young professionals looking for internships opportunities should apply here.

Report Back

Send us your stories!

We love hearing how Live Action fans have gotten involved! E-mail us at so we can share your successes and encourage others!