Center Facts: Bronx, NY

Abortion clinic: Dr. Emily’s Women’s Center
Location: Bronx, NY
Abortionist: Brian Park
History: A botched abortion sent a woman to the hospital in an ambulance less than a year ago.  The clinic also participated in illegal dumping of biohazardous medical waste and confidential patient documents.[1]
NY State Law: No abortions at viability, or 24 weeks. New York Code § 125.27 Murder in the first degree.  When the defendant, with intent to cause the death of another person, he causes the death of such person pursuant to an agreement with a person other than the intended victim to commit the same for the receipt of anything of pecuniary value from a party to the agreement or from  a person other than the intended victim acting at the direction of a party to such agreement.
Federal Law: Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Infants born alive after an abortion are persons protected under the law.

The Investigation

Live Action goes undercover to expose the reality of what happens to a baby born alive after an abortion.  Live Action’s 23-week pregnant investigator checks in to Brian Park’s abortion clinic for a late-term abortion.  She tells the clinic she is about 22 or 23 weeks pregnant.  During her visit, our investigator meets with a two clinic workers, an ultrasound technician, and the clinic counselor.

Dehumanizing the Baby

In New York City, 41% of pregnancies end in abortion. The New York Department of Health reports that in the Bronx, that number rises to over 50%. In 2009, the CDC reported 8,919 abortions committed over 13 weeks in New York City. With killing on such a massive scale, the disregard for the humanity of the preborn baby at this Bronx abortion clinic is no surprise. Though a clinician admits that the baby is “six months. It’s fully grown,” she continues on to dehumanize the baby, referring to him as “it,” “the specimen,” and “waste.” She tells the investigator to just “flush it” or “put it in a bag or something” if the baby is delivered at home.

To ensure that the mother has an expensive abortion, the clinic also must separate her from the humanity of her child. Seventy-eight percent of women decide against the abortion once they see an ultrasound picture of their baby.[2]  So our investigator is never shown her baby – “You’re not gonna see it, we’re not gonna show you your sonogram pictures…”

Justifying Infanticide

Unsurprisingly, this dehumanization of the baby at Brian Park’s abortion clinic leads to easy acceptance of infanticide.  When our investigator expresses concern that the baby may survive the abortion, a clinician is only too happy to promise, “Once we start this, we have to finish it.” She describes a horrifying method of ensuring that a born-alive infant dies.  They “put it in, like, a jar, a container, with solution… It won’t be able to breathe anymore.”

The counselor tries to set arbitrary parameters to define when killing a baby is considered infanticide.  She says the baby is not alive while in the mother’s body, but “once it’s already out of the body it’s alive… that’s why a termination is done inside.”  According to her logic, using poison and forceps to kill a 23-week-old baby inside the womb is a perfectly acceptable “termination,” but killing a 23-week-old “preemie” outside the womb is murder.  In reality, both babies are just as human, so both cases amount to infanticide.


A clinic worker’s discussion of the murder of born-alive infants at Dr. Emily’s Women’s Center necessitates immediate investigation.  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman should launch a criminal investigation into Dr. Emily’s Women’s Center and Brian Park.  New York State Department of Health should launch a license investigation into Brian Park.

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