LeRoy Carhart – The Facts

LeRoy Carhart has a long history of gross negligence endangering his patients.

  • In 1993, Carhart had to promise the director of health of Nebraska that he would begin to adequately protect his patients from infection and refrain from falsifying patient records. Carhart also agreed to stop talking on the phone or falling asleep during abortions (Nebraska v. Carhart, 1993).
  • Just four years ago in 2009, four of Carhart’s former workers admitted to passing off medical care, abortion counseling, and prescriptions even though they were untrained. One had only a high school diploma (World-Herald, 08/28/2009).
  • Carhart is currently being investigated in the Feb, 2013 death of Jennifer Morbelli, who suffered massive internal bleeding after he performed a third-trimester abortion on her little girl, Madison Leigh (LifeNews, 03/11/2013).

Business – gruesome and inhuman – as usual.

  • Carhart bragged to a Live Action investigator that he has performed “twenty-some-thousand” abortions “over 24 weeks” (Live Action, 2013).
  • In 2001, the University of Nebraska terminated Carhart’s adjunct professorship when it was discovered that he was donating aborted babies’ remains to their research departments (The New York Times, 03/13/2001).
  • He has gone to the Supreme Court twice to demand the legalization of his favorite method of partial-birth abortion, wherein a baby is mostly delivered and then his skull crushed and brain vacuumed out (Gonzalez v. Carhart, 2007; Stenberg v. Carhart, 2000).
  • In Feb 2013, David Williams of the Maryland Attorney General’s Environmental Crimes Unit stated that LeRoy Carhart and the Germantown Reproductive Health Services late-term abortion business were currently under investigation for illegal dumping of biohazardous waste and private patient information. Williams stated, “This is a very serious criminal investigation” (Operation Rescue, 02/12/2013).
  • In 1992, four of Carhart’s eleven horses, and two dogs, were confiscated by the humane society due to neglect. An officer of the humane society said she had not obtained a warrant because the animals were in danger of death (Bellevue Leader, 07/25/1992).

Carhart falsely claims that he performs late-term abortions in Germantown, MD only for “fetal anomalies,” or serious birth defects, in accordance with MD Code Ann. Health-Gen. §20-209.

  • In fact, the Guttmacher Institute found that only 2% of late-term abortions are committed for a fetal anomaly (Torres and Forrest, 1988).
  • The Vitae Institute spoke to twenty-five of Carhart’s late-term abortion patients; only one had received a poor pre-natal diagnosis (The Washington Independent, 07/29/2011).
  • Live Action’s undercover videos expose Carhart referring two investigators, 22 and 26 weeks pregnant, with no fetal anomalies or maternal health problems, to his Germantown clinic for abortions (Live Action, 2013).

Despite Carhart’s history of law-breaking, practices that endanger women, and routine killing of viable children, he is lionized by the pro-abortion community.

  • The president of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, where Carhart used to practice, called Carhart a “good and competent doctor… He’s been providing abortion care for a long time under sometimes very difficult circumstances” (USA Today, 02/18/2013).
  • In 2009, Physicians for Reproductive Health awarded Carhart the William K. Rashbaum, MD Abortion Provider Award (National Review, 04/12/2013).
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America gave Carhart their Hero Award (National Review, 04/12/2013).
  • In July 2010, during the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly, Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options held a luncheon. Leroy Carhart, member of the board of directors of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, was keynote speaker at the luncheon (PCUSA, 07/06/2010).