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Sexual Abuse Coverup at Birmingham, Alabama Planned Parenthood - Live Action

Sexual Abuse Coverup at Birmingham, Alabama Planned Parenthood

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Birmingham was caught on camera telling Lila Rose, posing undercover as a 14-year-old girl impregnated by a 31-year-old man, that the clinic “does sometimes bend the rules a little bit”. The Birmingham video is the sixth video to be released, implicating Planned Parenthood in a nationwide, multi-state scandal. Rose told the counselor her boyfriend’s age, and that she didn’t want her parents to find out about the abortion or about her boyfriend.

The counselor told Rose that “as long as you consented to having sex with him, there’s nothing we can truly do about that”. She admitted that the boyfriend could get in trouble, but said that any information given “stays within these walls”. The counselor also told Rose to use the signature of somebody besides her parents, like an older sister, to act as a substitute for parental consent. Following the release of the video, the Alabama Attorney General investigated, and found nine violations. After the Attorney General’s investigation, the clinic was put on probation.

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RECORD DATE: July 2nd, 2008

RECORDED BY: Lila Rose & Jackie Stollar of Live Action

LOCATION: Planned Parenthood of Alabama
Video #6: Birmingham Center
1211 27th Place South
Birmingham, AL 35205

Undercover Student Video Shows Planned Parenthood in Alabama “Bending the Rules” of Mandatory Reporting for Sexual Abuse


Firm Foundation blog:

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is also looking into the matter. According to Lt.Randy Christian, who reviewed the tape yesterday:
“ Anyone who sees that should be disturbed by it, and I hope they’re disturbed by it. For a 31 year old to have sex with a 14 year old, that is rape in the second degree. I think they are not only morally obligated to report it – the law requires them to report it, and there could be some serious consequences otherwise,” says Christian.

Alabama Attorney General Calls Undercover Video of Planned Parenthood Ignoring Statutory Rape ‘Extremely Troubling’, Seeks Investigation