Live Action is best-known for its undercover videos exposing the truth about the abortion industry – particularly Planned Parenthood, which is the biggest and oldest abortion business in the United States.

While Planned Parenthood engages in the biggest ethical violation on the books – killing innocent pre-born children – we can expect to find numerous other forms of corruption and lawlessness endemic to the organization.

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Live Action has already exposed Planned Parenthood:

  • Covering up and facilitating the sexual exploitation of minors,
  • Providing medical misinformation,
  • Using manipulative coercion, and
  • Facilitating race- and sex-based abortions.

Live Action’s investigations contain the video evidence:



Planned Parenthood Sex Selection Abortion Investigation

Planned Parenthood Child Sex Trafficking Cover Up Investigation

Planned Parenthood Medical Misinformation and Manipulations Investigation

Planned Parenthood Child Sexual Abuse Cover Up Investigation

Planned Parenthood False Mammogram Claim Investigation

Planned Parenthood Racism Investigation

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