Who We Are

Our Conception

We are a non-profit human rights organization, dedicated to ending abortion and protecting the right to life.

We expose the truth about abortion and counter the misinformation campaign of the multi-billion dollar abortion industry and lobby. Today, we host the largest online presence for the pro-life movement, with millions of supporters and volunteers throughout the United States, but it all began in a living room.


What We Are Up Against

Many Americans do not realize how developed preborn children are when they are aborted


The abortion industry dehumanizes preborn children and cloaks the horror of abortion with code words and euphemisms like “clumps of cells,” “product of conception,” and “reproductive choice.”


Because of this deliberate misinformation, many Americans do not realize how developed preborn children are when they are aborted, they are kept in the dark about the risks abortion poses to women, and they have no idea what happens to a preborn child during an abortion.


Over the past several decades, the abortion industry and lobby have lured the media, politicians, and other powerful institutions into complicity, making this grave human rights abuse increasingly systemic.


Why We Are Winning

We expose the violence abortion does to both mother and child and demonstrate that the preborn child is an undeniably distinct and precious human life from the point of conception.

Hearts and minds change daily about abortion through investigative reporting on the abortion industry, compelling and viral social media content, national media campaigns, and programs that activate individuals on behalf of the most defenseless within their communities.



I’m trembling. There is so much more going on than I knew. I have no words.- Facebook User
Glad I saw your videos. I was pro-choice, but now I'm horrified!- Eric, Georgia
Wow I never knew abortions were like that. How horrible.- Renee, Arizona
I'm officially 100% against abortion!- Jacqueline
This has just changed my mind on abortion.- Xavier, Missouri

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