Statement by Lila Rose on Harris Country Indictment of Center for Medical Progress

(January 25, 2016) – “David Daleiden and his team have done a tremendous public service by exposing the horrific crimes against humanity that Planned Parenthood hides behind closed doors.  CMP’s investigation forced Planned Parenthood, a tax-funded billion dollar corporation, to admit it was harvesting and selling aborted baby parts.

“The district attorney’s office was asked months ago about recusing itself from this case because one of its prosecutors serves as a board member of the Planned Parenthood affiliate involved in the case.  It is unacceptable that the office did not recuse itself to eliminate any and all questions of potential bias.  A special prosecutor should be appointed now to review this entire investigation.”

Statement by Lila Rose on Planned Parenthood’s suit of Center for Medical Progress

ARLINGTON, VA (January 14, 2016) – Funded with billions of our tax dollars, Planned Parenthood has shamelessly announced today that it is suing a brave young activist and some of his friends. This small group of people have done an incredible service to America, exposing the unspeakable horrors in the back rooms of abortion facilities: the slicing apart of tiny bodies, freshly aborted — some as old as six months — in order to extract their parts for money.

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Statement from Lila Rose on Rep. Sean Duffy’s remarks about abortion in the black community

ARLINGTON, VA (January 13, 2016) – “The disproportionately high numbers of abortions and abortion clinics in minority communities clearly support Rep. Duffy’s statement that abortionists target black communities.  Live Action’s undercover video investigations have caught Planned Parenthood on multiple occasions all too willing to accept donations specifically given to abort Black children.  To this day, Planned Parenthood continues to celebrate its founder, Margaret Sanger, who talked about the need to ‘exterminate the Negro population.’

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Lila Rose statement on Obama’s veto of legislation defunding Planned Parenthood

ARLINGTON, VA (January 8, 2016) –“President Obama, against the will of the people and the Congress that they elected, is forcing every taxpaying American to subsidize the nation’s biggest abortion chain – a corporation that single-handedly kills over 320,000 children every year by abortion, including children who are up to six months of development in the womb.

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