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Live Action - Pro-life advocacy for dignity and human rights

Live Action – Pro-life advocacy for dignity and human rights

THE FACTS: U.S. law allows abortion at nine months and most late-term abortions aren’t done for medical reasons

(Oct. 20, 2016) — Last night’s presidential debate set off a firestorm of confused and misleading remarks regarding late-term abortions in America. Following is a set of facts on late-term abortions as well as a statement from Lila Rose, president and founder of the national pro-life organization Live Action.


“The abortion industry denies the science of fetal development and continues its barbaric practice of killing over a million preborn children each year, including thousands who are fully developed and can survive outside the womb.  Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have consistently fought restrictions on late-term abortions and lobbied for abortion in all nine months of pregnancy, up until birth.

“Contrary to the claims of the abortion industry and its allies, the evidence shows that most late-term abortions aren’t done for any claimed ‘medical’ reasons.

“Even research published by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute found that abortions for fetal abnormalities ‘make up a small minority’ of late-term abortions, and those that are purported to be done to save the mother’s life are an even smaller number.

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Live Action’s Abortion Procedures videos

For the first time, many women are seeing the truth about abortion through our “Abortion Procedures” videos – giving them an encounter with the violence abortion inflicts against a child in the womb.

With over 50 million views, these are the most-watched pro-life videos of all time.
The videos are having such a powerful response because they obliterate the abortion industry’s lies and euphemisms that an abortion merely removes a “clump of cells” or “tissue.” They also describe the very real risks abortion poses to the mother. A number of young women have told us that the videos changed their minds and saved their children’s lives.

You can watch them now at AbortionProcedures.com. If you are interested in reserving a DVD copy of the videos so that you are notified as soon as it becomes available, e-mail: [email protected]

Statement from Lila Rose on lawsuit against Planned Parenthood partners by Orange County, Ca., D.A.

(Oct. 13, 2016) — “Today, the Orange County district attorney announced its lawsuit against two of Planned Parenthood’s trusted allies and business partners, DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics. For eight years, Planned Parenthood partnered with DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics in their grisly scheme to harvest and traffick in the body parts of the babies Planned Parenthood aborted.

“I commend the Orange County district attorney, and I hope this sets a precedent for prosecutors and law enforcement across the nation.  Abortion is a barbaric and cruel practice, and it should come as no surprise that those callous enough to profit off killing defenseless children in the womb would allegedly profit off selling their organs piecemeal.  It’s time to end these grave human rights abuses against our most vulnerable children and bring those responsible to justice.”

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Ca. criminalizes undercover journalism of Planned Parenthood; other states to follow

Gov. Brown signs bill after Planned Parenthood spent over $150,000 to get him elected

(Oct. 3, 2016) —Statement from Lila Rose, president and founder of pro-life organization Live Action, on Ca. Governor Jerry Brown signing a bill to criminalize undercover journalism of Planned Parenthood:

“We found out last week that instead of investigating Planned Parenthood for trafficking in baby body parts, California’s attorney general reportedly worked with Planned Parenthood to write a bill to suppress evidence of future abuses.  Now, Gov. Brown, whom Planned Parenthood spent over $150,000 to get elected, has signed the bill, which jails journalists and whistleblowers who expose such horrific acts.

“It’s precisely because of such investigative reporting that Planned Parenthood’s CEO was forced to admit to Congress last year that the abortion giant had accepted $60 for each child’s organ it had harvested through abortions.

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