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Humor site revealing of pro-abortion culture

Texts From Last Night is a fairly recent web phenomenon. It’s a simple idea, but it was destined for hilarity: have people send in text messages and publish them on the web, sorted by area code. Watch the disconnected fragments of debauchery roll in.

Of course, the site is a catalog of binge drinking, hangovers, and casual sexual encounters, all in one or two-sentence snippets. It’s sometimes funny, but almost always troubling. If the picture it paints of college students in America is at all accurate, it’s a wonder any of them survive college, let alone graduate. The endless cycle of getting fall-down drunk, doing stupid and sometimes funny things, waking up with a stranger, completing a “walk of shame,” cramming for a test, and repeating, might sound funny on the Internet, but can lead to unexpected encounters with reality. Getting arrested, flunking out, overdoses, alcohol poisoning, injury, STDs… These are all outcomes sometimes described in Texts From Last Night.

Another outcome? Abortion.

You can search the site by keyword. Here are some examples of actual texts people have sent containing this word:

“So I decided to start saving money for my abortion in a tomato sauce jar because it says ‘Prego.’ I know I thought it was f***ing genius!”

“they had a keg party to fund her abortion.”

“Just paid for that girls abortion on my dad’s black card. I feel like P-Diddy.”

“Only mom could turn an abortion day into a shopping day”

What does this tell us about the attitudes some young people have about abortion?

Granted, these few texts are not necessarily representative of an entire generation. But this is just a sampling. There are four pages of texts containing the word, and they’re all along the same lines as these. And these are just the few random kids who know about the site, decide to submit a text, and have theirs chosen. Each one of these text messages could represent the attitude of thousands of kids.

A lot of “pro-choice” people like to say, “Look, I think women should have a choice, but I don’t think it should be used as a form of birth control.” How many times have you heard that? Personally, at least a hundred.

If it’s not a form of birth control, then what is it exactly?

To the young person living in the age of the hook-up and embracing casual sex as a way of life, abortion is a matter of course. It has to be, in order for them to continue with the lifestyle they enjoy. These values are probably passed down from their parents in a lot of cases. Note two examples above: the young lady whose mom takes her shopping after an abortion, and the young man whose dad lends his credit card to pay for a girl’s abortion.

Here are some more examples from the site:

“This girl I work with, who is 18 btw, invited me to her baby shower. Do they sell abortions in gift certificate form?”

I’ve encountered this a lot, and you may have too. Someone hears a teenager is having a baby, and they act outraged and disgusted that she wasn’t encouraged or coerced into having an abortion.

“My financial advisor filed my girlfriend’s abortion under ‘investments’ so my wife wouldn’t find out”

There are so many things wrong with this I don’t know where to start. Obviously this was not the text of a college-age person, but someone more than old enough to know better. This text proves a point I am always nagging you about, readers: abortion is liberating for men, not women. This way he gets rid of his little problem and still has his mistress on the side. If he can talk a woman into it, abortion is the cheating man’s best friend.

“just took my abortion antibiotic with my martini. i no longer wonder how i got into this situation.”

The appropriate reaction to reading this is dismay.

“so exactly what does one wear to an abortion clinic?”

People who pray and protest outside clinics will tell you they can usually tell the women coming in for an abortion because they’re wearing sweats or yoga pants. Some of them will have a pillow in the car. They often leave crying. The casual tone of this text might belie a deep sadness, or it might not. Either way is tragic.

“Spending my graduation money on an abortion. Welcome to the real world.”

Sadly, yes.

“I feel like abortions should bother me more”

You know, I feel like they should bother her more, too. The plural is heartwarming, isn’t it?

Here are a few more just for good measure:

“They refer to his house as ‘the abortion clinic’. Cant wait.”

“so hey instead of everyone buying me a birthday present can everyone just pitch in for my abortion?”

“when you get a chance can you look up ‘free abortion clinic’ for me? cuz i dont think i’ll be lucky enough for a second miscarriage.”

This girl’s gonna be disappointed. If she wants anything free, she’ll need to go to a pregnancy resource center.

“have you seen my purse? i cant find it and my ipod is in there and that s**t totally cost more than my abortion.”

Our society has more or less accepted that college is the right time to make terrible decisions and do things you’ll regret later. But when ignorance or dismissal of the sanctity of human life has become this pervasive, it’s safe to say we’ve gone too far in participating in or subsidizing the moral corruption of young adults.


Kristen Walker makes people mad on the Internet and sometimes tweets.

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