Pro-abort blog urges donations for every Tebow touchdown

The Internet has been buzzing this week with news about the pro-abortion blog Abortion Gang’s urging of anti-life sports fans to donate money every time Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow throws a touchdown. This is intended as punishment for Tebow’s “anti-choice propaganda,” which if you haven’t seen it, you should totally watch. In this Focus on the Family commercial that aired, amidst major controversy, during the 2010 Super Bowl, Tim Tebow’s mom says — get ready, ’cause this is super controversial — that she almost lost Tim and she’s glad she didn’t. Then there’s a sight gag in which Tebow “tackles” Mom, and they make a little joke, and that’s it. Shocking.

In the weeks leading up to the airing of this commercial, I thought I was going to die of boredom and annoyance listening to everyone from Cecile Richards to people sitting near me at restaurants go completely insane with outrage and indignation at the sheer gall, the shamelessness, of Tebow using his newfound celebrity to force his weird, extreme, misogynistic religion and morality on everybody.

I heard countless rumors about what would be in the ad. My favorite was a bartender I overheard talking to another customer. She said something like, “I haven’t seen it, but he basically says, ‘If you’re not a Christian, you don’t deserve to play in the NFL,’ and then he gets really graphic about abortion.” That’s just one example. I heard lots of conjecture about what would be in the commercial, and here is what I expected to see based on the shrieking of pro-aborts:

Tim Tebow’s Mom: Hi, I’m Tim Tebow’s mom. Crazy feminists tried to force me to get an abortion when I was pregnant with Tim Tebow, but I chose life because I’m better than you.

Tim Tebow: Thanks, Mom! It’s a good thing you gave birth to me because I’m a lot like a Messiah, only with broader shoulders.

Tim Tebow’s Mom: You sure are, son. Also, everybody who ever got an abortion and then died later is in Hell.

Tim Tebow: That’s right! Remember, kids: if your parents aren’t Christians, they’re your enemies. Read the Bible today or you might die in your sleep and burn forever.

Tim Tebow’s Mom: But if you believe in abortion, you deserve to burn forever. Right, Tim?

Tim Tebow: Right, Mom.

They smile. Light shines on them from Heaven and angels descend and give them a thumbs up.

I am not a football fan, but I kept the TV on so I could see the commercial, and was completely underwhelmed by it. It didn’t mention abortion, Jesus, feminazis, the Bible, nothing. It was so unoffensive I could not imagine anyone getting upset by it, but they went ahead and got upset anyway. You see, the end of the ad invited the viewer to visit a website where you could see the whole story of Tim Tebow and how his mother had a difficult pregnancy and was encouraged to abort and didn’t. Somehow, to critics, this invitation to willingly view a website became a gross intrusion of anti-choice propaganda into people’s homes.

I suppose if someone were mopping the floor and slipped and fell against the keyboard and accidentally hit just the right keys and looked at the screen and saw Tebow’s mom say she’s glad she didn’t abort her son, they would consider that a gross intrusion as well.

Tebow has been vocally pro-life and Christian since that time, and the pro-aborts hate it. The same people who are disgusted by Tebow’s unapologetic Christianity would be waving the Bill of Rights around and hiring ACLU lawyers if Tebow were Buddhist, Hindu, or Muslim. If Tebow wanted to loudly proclaim his support for Planned Parenthood, do you think the same people, who claim to be pro-choice, would be upset at Tebow for bringing his abortion views to bear on the public? Nope. They would practically trample each other rushing to their keyboards and microphones to say how brave he was for using his celebrity to speak out on behalf of abortion rights. They only mind now because he has the wrong views.

By the way, scratch a pro-abort, find a eugenicist: Sophia the Abortion Gang blogger mentions that Tebow’s mom may have risked her own life to have a baby who thankfully ended up a star quarterback, but “it is clear to everyone (or should be, anyway) with a brain that 99.9% of the fetuses gestating right now are not, in fact, going to become gifted athletes like Tim Tebow.” You know what? You’re right, Sophia. Good point. Abort ’em then.

If only Sophia had been around when Tebow’s mom was pregnant to say, “You know, there’s a 99% chance he won’t play in the NFL,” I’m sure she would have made the smart decision to abort and wouldn’t be bothering us now with her annoying “proud mommy” B.S.

So then Sophia goes on to make her recommendation: “For every touchdown Tebow throws next week… donate $5 or $10 to your local pro-choice organization.” This call for action is spreading all over the Internet, and inspiring a lot of people to write checks to their friendly neighborhood abortion clinics.

So I have an idea: make a donation of $5 or $10 to a pro-life organization like Live Action, or your local crisis pregnancy center. And don’t just do it if Tebow throws a touchdown. Do it now. Maybe the pro-aborts believe human life is only worth something if it grows up to make touchdowns, but we believe every life is precious. So don’t wait for a performance-based reason to donate. Do it now.

If you’d like to contribute to the cause of caring for pregnant women in need, CareNet is an organization that funds crisis pregnancy centers all over the U.S. Between now and December 31, your gift will be doubled by an anonymous donor. It is also tax-deductible. When you’re done donating to this or any other pro-life organization, come back here and post a comment, and we’ll see how many we can get.

I can’t wait to tell Sophia that we anti-choicers save even potentially non-football-playing babies and their mothers from tragedy. It will do my heart good to log into the Abortion Gang blog and leave a comment saying, “You inspired us to raise $(some big number) for crisis pregnancy centers! Thanks, Sophia!”

Help me do this! Donate now! I just did, and I’m broke! It’s Christmas time, you guys. Let’s save some babies.

I will be sure to post a link when I disappoint the Abortion Gang with our antics.


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