Turkeys, human babies: they’re all the same to us, says PETA

Civilization has gotten away from itself.

I don’t know where to start, so I’ll start with the image: a Thanksgiving feast, with a baby as the main course.

PETA does this kind of thing to get attention, so it does irk me a bit to play into their grubby paws, but I can’t help myself.

The scariest part of it is, I used to think like they do. Today, I am a conservative Catholic pro-lifer. Not so long ago, I was a liberal agnostic pro-lifer. Before that, however, I was a radical atheist pro-choice vegan. I scoffed at those who would call themselves pro-life and still eat meat. I thought it was disgusting that we saw ourselves as any different from, or any better than, chickens and pigs and cows and turkeys. If someone at the table with me in a restaurant ordered veal or lamb, they became an instant enemy, and I would only speak to them to ask, “How’s your baby?” or “Is the dead infant meat tender enough for you, or should they have beaten it harder?”

What changed? Well, to put it very simply, I came to believe in the human soul as something set apart and yes, above, that of an ordinary animal. I came to understand nature as an ordered hierarchy in which predator feeds on prey, not as something evil to be subverted, but as something natural and righteous, to be understood and embraced.

Ironically, it is the very human soul which the PETA morons deny that makes us feel sad when we see lions take down baby deer. Other animals, upon seeing such a thing, would react with salivation (other predators) or fear (other prey). Because we are humans, and therefore have souls, we say, “Aw, poor deer.” But because we are humans, and therefore have brains, we understand that this is how the world works. It is no more unfortunate than a thunderstorm. It is nature.

To PETA, a human baby is no more valuable than a turkey. I want you to really think about that for a second, because that is unequivocally what they’re saying.

PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, according to Jill Stanek writing for the LifeSiteNews.com blog, had sterilization surgery at age 22 because she believes there is “something wrong with wanting your own child.”

No statement better sums up how disconnected Newkirk and PETA are from nature, from the actual practical wholesomeness of living on earth. If eating meat is cruel and wanting children is demented, then there is simply something cruel or demented about 98% or more of people living on this planet. Newkirk is the idiot standing outside a perfectly formed circle and claiming everyone else is in the wrong spot, the circle’s over here.

On a broader note, we now are witnessing what happens when humans, thanks to our big giant fantastic brains (which by the way are also unique among animals) are able to build ourselves lives of luxury and leisure that separate us from the real, tangible, dirty-fingernailed, sunup to sundown practical business of survival. Not too long ago, relatively speaking, Newkirk would have been a member of a tribe or village where meat was constantly sought after and utterly prized. If she didn’t eat it, she would have starved or died of malnourishment, or perhaps been kicked out of the village as a weird taboo, because what crazy woman wouldn’t eat the most nutritious, calorie-rich, delicious food on the planet? (This was before God in His Great Wisdom gave us Nutella.)

Today we have so much time to sit around and think about stuff that we come up with wacko ideas, such as that the desire to procreate and love a baby is somehow warped and that killing and eating food is murderous. In the bizarro world of PETA, killing an unborn human elicits less than a shrug, but killing a turkey is enough to inspire protests, press releases, ad campaigns, and a disturbing amount of scarily authentic rage. A pre-born human being, which will probably grow up to love, do good, and contemplate the universe, is not the same thing as a food animal with no understanding.

Question for PETA: If aborted babies were eaten for Thanksgiving instead of disposed of as medical waste, then would you protest on their behalf?

I’m completely serious. I’d like an answer.

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