Planned Parenthood Fails to Discredit Live Action Video: Fires Manager

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NEW JERSEY, Feb. 2–Less than a day after an undercover video showed Planned Parenthood clinic manager Amy Woodruff coaching a pimp and a prostitute how to keep their underage sex trafficking business secret, Planned Parenthood has fired Woodruff. Planned Parenthood had originally claimed that Woodruff reported the incident to Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey the same day of the actors’ visit.

In a statement released Tuesday morning, Stuart Schear, Vice President for Communications for Planned Parenthood national, claimed that the video did not in fact depict a cover-up of sexual abuse and trafficking, because, “As soon as these visits were over, Planned Parenthood employees immediately reported to Planned Parenthood management.” But by Tuesday night, Planned Parenthood Central New Jersey CEO Phyllis Kinsler had released a statement saying, “We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,” and notified the press that Woodruff had been terminated.

Planned Parenthood had also originally suggested that the undercover video was a “hoax” and an “edited tape” before firing Woodruff.  New Jersey Attorney General Paula Dow also released a statement on the video Tuesday evening saying, “At first glance, I find these allegations to be very disturbing.” Dow has asked the Division of Criminal Justice to investigate the matter.

“It appears that Planned Parenthood decided to fire Ms. Woodruff over a ‘hoax.’  Or, maybe they are coming to the realization that they have a serious problem brewing,” Rose stated.

“Soon, we will be releasing more evidence to law enforcement officials and the public showing that Planned Parenthood is willing to aid and abet sexual exploitation of minors and young women.  As our research and evidence will show, this is not only a problem for one clinic in New Jersey — it is much broader and more endemic,” Rose said.

“These practices are putting minors and young women in harm’s way — all paid for by the American taxpayer,” Rose concluded.



The full, unedited footage may be seen at:

Anti-trafficking advocates to Live Action video release:

The video may be seen below:

  • Anonymous

    Hang in there Lila- they are all liars, after al they have tried to claim they had "no connections" to racism and eugenics but your videos and Life Dynamic's Maafa21 documentary has blown the lid off that lie- now they are really squirming !!!! Keep up the great work – let's protect children not use them to line our pocket books like Planned Parenthood has been doing !!!!

  • I think you meant the full UNedited footage.

    Keep up the good work!

  • David Schmidt

    Thanks Kelsey. Got it fixed. You are right, it is UNedited.

  • Thank you once again for your courageous work behind enemy lines-keep exposing them!

  • Thanks for doing such an excellent work for the unborn and the LORD! >

  • Sheila

    Congrats! That is so fabulous. The Lord will reward this.

  • Kim

    I think that is it dumb, after seeing this video that it is said that "Planned Parenthood" is being seen and the culprit. Obviously, it is this one woman who has taken advantage of her job to break the law and give out this information. Planned Parenthood does not promote abortion and sexual trafficking. In fact, only about as 2% of their patients need abortions (in the sense that they are pregnant, as choose to have an abortion); most of them come in for birth control to help them prevent pregnancy until they are ready to begin a family. With that said, most of the people here are hypocrites, trying to act as if they never used birth control to first plan a parenthood, hence "Planned Parenthood". There is a reason why that manager has been fired. It is preposterous what she has done, and Planned Parenthood has acknowledged that, not because they got "caught" but because they, as an organization, do not have the same principles as that woman did. Her acts should not directly accuse Planned Parenthood as being anything like her at all. WIth that said, I agree that her termination was with right cause, but an organization that has helped millions of people with their birth control issues and STD issues should be punished for it.

  • David Schmidt

    So Kim, Planned Parenthood today on CNN said that in light of this happening that they would not change their training. Do you think they are really taking this seriously? What about all the problems they had with employees covering up sexual abuse 2 years ago? They just fired those people but there seems to be a pattern.

  • Tony

    What I find so telling is that they seem so offended by what Live Action is doing. If they really care about these women, shouldn't they be thanking Live Action for uncovering this stuff? Might even think about paying Live Action for doing the kind of internal investigations Planned Parenthood should already be doing. After all, if they're taxpayer funded in any way, shouldn't they be held the highest standards? Planned Parenthood, how about using some of that taxpayer money to actually keep your own employee standards up to snuff?

    But it doesn't end there. What about accountability? We're paying them our hard earned money, and they're getting upset about being cast in a bad light? If I'm being forced to supply these guys, you'd better believe I want to know exactly what's happening in those clinics at all times. They screw up, I wanna know about it. And I have a right to know about it as long as I'm paying to keep the God forsaken place in business. But again, more complaints when someone exposes their mistakes as if Planned Parenthood is the victim. If they're taking money from the public, they should be ready and willing to answer to it for every little misstep.

    Keep up the great work, Live Action.

  • Gayle

    Great comment Tony.

  • Paljon onnea! Great material, you are doing an amazing work.

    From Finland: thanks

  • Mary

    I'm really proud to be associated with the group by default. As an early, active pro-lifer, I helped found the Right To Life Party in New York. We marched each year, we picketed Planned Parenthood and we held sit ins in doctors offices. Then, sputter….sputter….I began talking one to one with anybody who espoused abortion. The idea was to keep the ethic of sanctity of life alive till sanity came to planet Earth once more. Here, here, you all! So glad you all are carrying the torch.

  • Jimi

    At the risk of implicitly dignifying these tactics by suggesting they are worthy of comment by any self-respecting, thoughtful individual, I am nevertheless curious as to how Live Action would respond if it was covertly determined that one of its members has had an abortion…

    Following Live Action's "logic", would it mean that all of Live Action condones abortion, including Lila herself?

    This organization should be ashamed of itself. Jesus certainly would not have condoned any of these tactics…

    • Lynda

      This is blasphemy.

  • pam

    I found the comment, “We were profoundly shocked when we viewed the videotape this morning, which depicted an employee of one of our health centers behaving in a repugnant manner that is inconsistent with our standards of care and is completely unacceptable,” laughable! Isn't infant homicide repugnant? That being said, I find that employess behavior, completley consistent with their standard of care. God willing one day soon they will see that!

  • Tony

    @Jimi: Thanks to this video this individual who was obviously willing to allow such an injustice to occur, was fired. I'm not sure why that is such a bad thing, whether or not you support Planned Parenthood as a whole. Beyond that, this is hardly an isolated incident. And that's a problem. Especially when taxpayer money funds this organization. Why is it taking an outside group like Live Action to expose these things instead of the company's own internal investigations? Something isn't right.

    I know they're a big organization, but as long as we're paying to keep the lights on they must learn to control/regulate themselves. If they cannot, this becomes yet another reason to pull their government funding.

  • Tony, your reasoning is that because Planned Parenthood is funded via taxes, they should be held accountable for their actions. I can't agree more. But the fact is, many things that are funded by taxes (Like, oh, the US Military among other government organizations) are not held accountable for their actions. Remember when George Bush told the country that there were WMD's in Iraq, and that's why we had to invade? No action was ever taken against him for lying to the public. My point is that until all tax-funded programs are held accountable, we cannot pick and choose which programs we want to see "exposing" themselves. This woman broke Planned Parenthood protocol and was subsequently fired. What more would you have them do?

  • Tony

    @Emma: Yes, all taxpayer funded organizations should constantly be under intense scrutiny. And yes, unfortunately, this is not always the case. But shouldn't we start somewhere? Isn't some justice better than no justice at all? Do you really believe that if two organizations do wrong, that we should punish neither if we cannot punish both? Of course not. Because the injustice isn't that one was punished, but rather that the other was not.

    As for what should be done: Live Action has revealed to us time and again that Planned Parenthood is incapable of keeping their employees in line. Yes, they fired this girl, but what if the pimp had been the real thing and not Live Action investigators? The woman would have kept her job and no one would have known a thing. It took an outside group to do the kind of internal investigations Planned Parenthood should already be implementing. If Planned Parenthood can't fix this problem, or refuses to take responsibility for the wrongful actions of their employees, we should pull their funding. Simple as that.

  • Conrad

    Let me first say that Tony has a great comment and second let me expand a bit on the basic idea he raised about Planned Parenthood being responsible for internal QA of their staff. To do so, consider the rhetoric that followed the BP Deep Water Horizon oil rig disaster. The public and the government rightly expected and demanded improved internal safety procedures before BP would be allowed to drill again. So too should the public and the government be demanding improved screening for management hires and reoccurring training and inspection of existing employees in Planned Parenthood. Instead, not only are these demands not being trumpeted by the media but there is an 'attack the watchdog' mentality in the popular response to Live Action's discovery. And yet we ae the ones called hypocrites. Sigh…

  • Carol

    As a mother of two daughters (they are only 5 and 3 1/2 now) I guess what made me angry, other than the obvious, was also this woman's attitude that this should all go on, how did she put it, without the mother knowing what the hell is going on. That is so sick to me. I'm the one that will have raised my daughters, sacrificed SO MUCH for them and given my all to them. I deserve to know if they are in trouble, and not have it hidden from me by some woman who just thinks she knows better.

    It is so sick and wrong to deliberately keep a mother from her daughter at the height of her need. I thought Planned Parenthood wanted mothers and daughters to discuss these things openly – whatever happened to that? I guess it doesn't apply if they can make money off of your desperate child. They are just sick, sick, sick and they deserve to lose our (taxpayer) money.

    I wish I could give that woman I piece of my mind. I guess it wouldn’t matter. If there’s one place that wouldn’t understand or respect the countless sacrifices of a mother, it’s Planned Parenthood.

  • Clarissa

    Do you realize that if you make abortions illegal or too difficult to obtain, you will simply drive it underground and then abortions will be performed under septic, unsanitary conditions with tools such as coat hangers. But if that is really what you ignorant misguided people want, you will have on your hands, the blood of all those killed by underground abortions. Hence, you are making yourselves killers so you had better prepare yourselves to face everything that you people claim that killers will face because you WILL be among them as killers yourselves.

  • Clarissa

    No David, Poland and Ireland are not working out. Don’t spread misinformation just to further your misguided special interest.

  • Clarissa

    The catholic church and organized religion are the entities MOST responsible for why abortion takes place in the first place! If organized religion had chosed to face reality rather than bury its head in fantasyland they would have promoted and encouraged PREVENTION OF CONCEPTION. But no, religion refused to accept the simple fact of biology that PEOPLE LIKE TO DO THE NAKED PRETZEL -> FACT, solid fact. Nobody will ever change that fact. Hence, a vast many people do not use contraceptives because the vatican and other religions do not promote use of condoms and other methods to prevent conception. Not a very bright move on the part of organized religion, at all!

  • Carol

    Clarissa, I would like to address some of your scattered thoughts.
    First, legal abortion is not always safe. Needless to say, I’m shocked by your assertion that making abortion illegal will lead to death. Abortion is death. It is the death of a completely innocent, totally defenseless person that has the same God given dignity that you and I have. A woman who has undergone an abortion has taken on a certain risk and has a definite loss. She may never grieve her loss in the same way a woman who has a miscarriage, but it is the loss of a child none the less. As for the safety of abortions, as I said previously, women have complications or die more frequently than the industry would like to admit. (And, I would guess, perhaps a bit more than you would like to admit?) For example, at the Family Planning Associates on Elston Avenue in Chicago there are FOUR wrongful death lawsuits. One of them involves a 16 year old girl who was 23 weeks pregnant at the time and bleed to death so fast that she was taken straight from the abortion clinic to the morgue. These are all part of the Cook County Court records and I’d be happy to put you in touch with someone who can provide you with a sheet of the case summaries if you’d like. That’s just one clinic in Chicago by the way. And the four cases are just the deaths. Each clinic has its own sheet of lawsuit summaries describing how women have had their uteruses or bowels punctured and other botched procedures. Is this what you call safe? Is this what you wish to defend? Did you hear about the man here in Orange County recently (this month) and the man in PA? Women deserve better. We deserve better than to be told if we are too poor or uneducated or this or that that we should kill our babies. Think about it.
    And as far as your distain for religion goes, I must say, as a woman I really don’t get it. Sex is very enjoyable when I know the man is totally committed to me and any offspring the relationship produces. I don’t want to be viewed as today’s snack bread. My Catholic faith taught me that if a man wants to have sex with me he has to devote his entire life, all of his resources, energy, love, abilities and totally commit it to me and any children we have. I’m married, I love my husband and I know where we stand with each other. We have kids that depend on us. And we love our life. I’ll bet you don’t get that when you use sex as a form of entertainment. And by the way, everything has a failure rate. According to the Guttmacher Institute’s own numbers 60% of the people seeking abortions are doing so because their contraception failed.
    Please understand, His yoke is sweet and His burden is light.

    • Clr6924

       Your a right wing conservative, correct? Ever had an abortion? No anyone who has had an abortion.Its a personal choice, and it is a choice. Who are you to say how others live. Is it better to let an unwanted child live. Apparently you do not see the devastation an unwanted child must endure. Hunger, abuse, psychological damage. Not to mention the price everyone has to pay in the long run to support a child no one wants. As far as deaths from abortions, there are far greater threats of death with obesity,birth defects, cancer, diabetes, etc.. But that takes longer and really isn’t your concern, right. And if you are so concerned. Why don’t you just adopt every unwanted child in America. Stop them at the door, before they can abort, promise them you will pay to help and then promise you will raise that child with everything it takes to be a good parent. If you can do that, then and only then will you have the right to tell a female what she can and cannot do with her body.

      • Lynda

        You are supporting the systematic murder of innocent and defenceless babies where they ought to be most protected from attack. This is demonic.

  • Sarie

    I must say I find the contrast between the WAY in which views are being expressed here telling…ignorant irate comments that show a lack of research attacking this site and many well researched comments by those in support…hmm. I’m not sure where I stand completely on abortion… In some cases maybe…not simply because someone wants to avoid complicating their life or taking responsibility for their actions though. I have been to Planned Parenthood- used their services…and after seeing these? Not anymore. This site, these videos are about the support of sexual crimes against minors- ie. children that Planned Parenthood staff- (and if you watch the videos) HIGH LEVEL clinic staff, the kind that should be especially vetted for their position. I’m fairly certain few people here would say it is all right to sexually abuse a child or support it…coming here to voice whatever other issues you have is ignorant and uncalled for. These videos reveal a crime against children that is not a single incident in these clinics but a widespread one – whether you’re for or against abortion I think we should all agree supporting sexually abusing minors is wrong. Do I agree with the methods? They’d never stand up in a court of law which is disappointing but it does expose something that would no have been otherwise. The fact so many staffers in these videos are high level does give reason to question Planned Parenthood’s training and monitoring of those running their clinics.

  • Clr6924

     One persons choices to do wrong or commit a crime does not mean the entire corporation is corrupt. If that was the case we would have no government, right?